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Cat Trax in East TX $200  Bottom

  • https://beaumont.craigslist.org/bpo/d/cat-trax-for-sale/6662996355.html


    Marstrom Tornado
    DN Iceboat

  • That's a steal of a price considering what they cost new.

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA

    Current - 1991 Prindle 18-2

    Former Boats:
    1981 Prindle 18 - Sybill
    2005 NACRA F-18 - Wingo Wango
    1999 NACRA Inter 20 - Junk Yard Heap
    1987 Prindle 18-2 - Dip Dung
    1990 NACRA 5.8 N/A - Smoke 6 Oh 6
    1990 Prindle 18-2 - Yea Boy
    1984 Prindle 18 - White Trash
    1986 Prindle 16 - Un-Employment Check
    1985 Prindle 18 - No Name
    1984 Prindle 18 - No Name
  • Thanks, guys!

    That WAS a heck of a deal. I was going to build some, but you just can't at that price. The seller is legit and everything - nice guy, I REALLY needed the wheels...

  • QuoteThanks, guys!

    That WAS a heck of a deal.

    congrats on your new purchase
    they are a game changer

    what are you sailing?

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  • That's great, you will definitely enjoy using those beach wheels, thankfully my boat came with a brand new set just like those and they make loading and unloading very easy.

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Hobie 21SE. Boat...Big boat...

    Got some repairs and replacement of lines, etc. But, hulls appear solid (except for wing sockets) and sails look new, so that's good. So, you can see how desperate I am for cat wheels. Sucker's big.

    I hear reservations about installing inspection ports in the deck in front of the forward cross member, but that's exactly where I need to access the sockets from within. Hulls seem really, really beefy, so I'm wondering if it's doable, really. I showered the honor site and couldn't find where it's been done successfully or in failure.


    BTW, Salty dog marine seems to be quite legit and helpful. I mean all lines on the boat for under 200? There's a lot of line there... Quick responses and friendly. (keeping in the vein of Good Deals).

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