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Supercat 20 DIY tilt trailer  Bottom

  • Hey guys,
    I’ve never posted on the sight before but I stalked the forums over the past few years gleaning ideas for a tilt trailer for my Supercat 20. This sight was an indispensable resource during the project. I’ve since finished the trailer and it turned out pretty good. I thought I would link some pictures in case anyone else was feeling ambitious and wanted to try this project. It’s all aluminum and mostly bolt together.
  • That's cool. You should put those pics in the "Beachcats Technical" photo album section.

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    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Nice. That’s really close to how I’m building mine

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  • Brandy! great vid

    looks like it was built robust. nice work

    where do you sail?

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  • Mostly the “Big Bend” of north central Florida. I would love to venture farther but even with the trailer travel on the interstate is pretty high stress (or any because I don’t do it often). We may attempt to take it to the Keys this March tho.
  • gotcha
    yea, i held back comment but i would be scared shitless driving that
    i get nervous driving 5miles to my local beach
  • With regards to your name, my wife used to keep the cheeks for cooking and sell the rest to the fish house.
  • Add some gas struts and you can lift it with one hand. I used these for my tilt trailer - http://www.bansbach.com

    I sent them a diagram of the tilt mechanism, and they spec'd out the struts and mounting positions.

  • That was my initial idea Mikekrantz. I ordered the gas struts from the same company; 5’ struts set to 205lb per. Going up was super easy! Getting the boat down however.... I ended up putting the winch post back on for the time being but I Haven’t given up on the idea yea.
  • jack108136With regards to your name, my wife used to keep the cheeks for cooking and sell the rest to the fish house.

    mmmm cheeks!

    where did she/you fish
  • Gulf of Mexico, off Boca Grande, many, many years ago.
  • jack108136Gulf of Mexico, off Boca Grande, many, many years ago.

    Yea they have been off limit since 1990 both federal and state law

    My friends who are fishermen say they are pervasive, steal their fish and should be back on menu ...

    I personally don't have a skillet big enough for a 600 pound fish - but I would get one :)

    Hogfish are my personal favorite to eat
  • We were coming back in from the Hibiscus Cup race several years back. Approaching the remains of an old dock, I saw a "rock" just ahead. I had plenty of clearance so I decided to sail over it. When I got closer I saw it was about 4 feet long and yellow and brown. When it got between the hulls it got the you know what scared out of it. It turned around, bounced off the tramp and hauled ass, leaving a wake. Mr. Goliath was not happy.

    I just decorated the backyard porch. One of the decorations is my wife's old rig. 3 feet if 1/4" chain and a foot long hook with a 4 inch mouth. Her and her old friend that had the boat would go out in the Gulf and catch a cuda, bonito or other big bait. Cut it in half, hook it and tie it to the bow cleat with some 1/2 inch rope. When the boat started rocking they would pull the anchor and use the boat to pull it from the bottom.

    No finesse and definitely not sporting.

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