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Hobie Getaway - How much to completely overhaul?  Bottom

  • If one were to find a "fixer upper" and planned on doing a full overhaul, what do you think the price would be? Specifically, I'm thinking of the replacement of:
    1) All tramps, wings etc.
    2) Sails
    3) All new rope
    4) Standing rigging (?)
    5) What other high wear items?

    Being new, I'm trying to count the costs - guessing somewhere around $2K and am looking at options.


    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • 1 google search later:


    Hobie Getaway Trampoline Black Mesh - $580.00
    Hobie Getaway Trampoline Forward Black Mesh - $499.00

    Getaway Forestay Assembly 180
    Hobie Getaway Shroud - $100 set
    Hobie Getaway Mainsail H Resort (Seabreeze) - $1,375.00
    Getaway Jib (Turqouise) $370.00 -

    wing tramps - 160
    running rigging - $138.00 (https://www.saltydogmarine.com/product_info.php?cPath=421&products_id=4318&osCsid=d1fd6ea946d59a7ca12b4ca09f969904)

    = about $34000
  • In my area I can find them for around 4K ready to sail so I’d be hesitant to sink $3,500 into a rehab. Rudder systems and main and jib blocks can also be worn out on a rehab boat and that stuff isn’t cheap
  • Yeah- so, basically you need to basically get a free boat in order to justify duping that kind of money into it...

    Huh. There's a quick life lesson.


    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Depends on how you want to take your medicine, brand name or generic. I can deliver front & rear tramps & wing tramps for $700 in black mesh. Shrouds & forestay for $160. Sails for $1400. Pete

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