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Removing Decals and Stripes  Bottom

  • Has anyone here used the 3M Wax Wheel for removing decals and factory applied strips?

    Other than that, what has worked best for removing decals and stripes that has taken the adhesive off as well... I don't want use Goo-Off as this stuff makes more of a mess.

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • I peeled of what I could with my finger nails. Heat gin or hair dryer works all to get it started. To remove the adhesive I used


    Little messy. Applied and whipped off with a $1 plastic putty knife, any remaining with a rag.

    Nacra Inter 20
    Okemos Michigan
  • mineral spirits preferably unscented. it won't take the wax off.
    i have used this for years to take the stick on pin stripes of of cars.
    note: sometimes they are a pain to remove and you have to really use some elbow grease.

    NACRA 6.0
    Chrysler Bucaneer 18 dinghy
  • down here in fl - decals burn into the gelcoat and there is no amount of work that will get rid of them except sandpaper

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  • I used a Decal Eraser, a variable temp heat gun,a gasket scraper, a putty knife, acetone and mineral spirits to clean the decals of my SC15.
    The heat gun and putty knife first. Go easy on the heat!
    That left the adhesive.
    Then the mineral spirits and a rag. Acetone for the tougher spots
    The stubborn sun baked stuff got the eraser treatment. Then more thinner.
    The real stubborn stuff got the gasket scraper. Be careful not to nick the gelcoat.
    It was about four hours up close and personal with the cat.


    1982 SuperCat 15

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