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  • I have recently purchased a nacra 5.2 It is in great shape but the jib looks rough does anyone know if sails from other cats will fit thanks for any feedback
  • Take a look at the SCHRS ratings page. You can check out jib area and luff length of other cats. https://www.schrs.com/ratings.php
  • The SCHRS ratings is a great source for measurements, but you have to be mindful of the calculations for the measurements of what you are looking for. The VLM and VLJ measurements might not be the actual luff--it is the Vertical projection of the sail. That basically means how tall the sail is, not the actual luff. If the VLJ is not available, it is calculated as luff x .95.

    There are several people on this forum who have 5.2 sails for sale--I think anyone would tell you to get the proper sails for your boat before you use sails from another boat just because it hardly ever works out.

    If you can't find used sails, I would recommend Whirlwind sails. I have always been very happy with Chip's sails!
  • I second all of Dan's statements, we are fighting some of this on the Nacra 20 at the moment. Be careful what you read on the internet...

    Chip has fantastic customer service and built many of the sails for Hobie for a period of time. He knows how to design and build a pretty fast set of beachcat sails for a pretty good price!

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