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Cat lessons in Florida  Bottom

  • Looking to refine my craft and maybe also have someone go over my boat and discuss some upgrades/rig changes. Anyone have a pro they recommend in Florida? I’m 4 hrs to Pensacola and 4 hours to Tampa/St Pete and would travel to either. Thinking a 1/2 day lesson to start
  • Get in Touch with Robbie Daniel-Red Gear Racing.

  • Where are you located? How far are you from Jacksonville?
  • I am in Tallahassee, so about 2.5 hours, 3 to the beach. in Jacksonville quite a bit for work and family
  • +1 on red gear
    Robbie trains recreational, pros and Olympians
    He is a fantastic sailor, coach and great person to hang out with and talk all things sailing

    they also offer boarding at their house for out of towners
  • Vacation this spring break on Anna Maria Island came across Ralph & Pat (father/son) renting Getaways near Tortuga Inn Beach Resort. My daughter and I sailed a couple of times with him on on his Nacra 20 Carbon semi-foiling, learned a lot! He has sailed a bit around Florida in the races. I think Ralph's, or his son's, username on this site is g-catpat.

    From the classifieds:

    Nacra Inter 20
    Okemos Michigan
  • jalex - sent you a pm
  • Thanks guys,

    Looks like a I will be spending 3 days at one of Robbie's clinics this summer, looking forward to it.

    Bruiser, I sent you a PM
  • Time and money well spent. Enjoy :)

    Jeff R
    '88 H18 "Jolly Mon"
    '10 C2 USA1193
    NE IN / SE MI
  • Nice! I'll be taking note of this.
  • jalexThanks guys,

    Looks like a I will be spending 3 days at one of Robbie's clinics this summer, looking forward to it.

    If you are just trying to learn the basics you might try just grabbing any old dude off the beach with a boat instead of hiring an Olympic trainer to teach you the simple stuff. I think you’d just get better bang for the buck to get the advanced advice from the advanced guy and not the easy stuff

    '82 NACRA 18 Square "Bangarang"
    '85 Hobie 18 "Honey Badger Don't Care"
    '86 Hobie 18 "The Rippin & The Tearin"
    Jacksonville, FL
  • I’m pretty expierenced, just want to get to another level

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