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  • Beginner, but have sailed a bit, very experienced in composites, etc. Have helped refurbish an old Hobie 16 for a friend.

    looking for a family type boat that i wont get bored with. Family of 4, but would expect it would primarily be me and my son. So, figure 350 to 600 pound capacity? Not looking to compete but would be sailing with friends who have mostly older hobies. Have sailed Hobie 16, Hobie Getaway and Wave. Want used and prefer simpler, bur not opposed to more complicatedd rigging.

    Galveston, Tx area - so easy sailing for a lot of the year, i guess.



  • With 4 people you are really going to want a winged boat. Several options but I’d go for a Hobie 18 with wings for availability/price reasons. No shortage of spare parts availability either.

    Without wings you could look at a Gcat 5.7, good family boat and can still perform. Hard to find them in good shape and parts are scarce, but I love mine

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  • Cool, thanks. I believe a H18 will likely be the most likely to find.

    I did love the wings as it made it way more comfortable on the Getaway.

    What years should I look for in the Hobie or Gcat? More specifically, anything i should avoid?

    And...the perennial question-what's the market like? Thinking budget will be like 4kish, all in. Well, at first...
  • There not moving in Cali at $1500. Pete
  • If I was just starting out and in the Galveston, Huston area, I'd go over to the Dike, meet some of the group there and catch some rides and see what you like.

    They have a facebook page, look up Texas City Dike Yacht Club (TCDYC)

    Nacra F18
    Reservoir Sailing Assn.
    Brandon, Mississippi
  • my suggestions for a legacy cat that can be very family friendly

    Mystere 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 (i am very bias)
    Nacra 5.7 skeg
    hobie getaway with wings is a great lower performance / more family option
    g-cat 5.7 but parts/support are tough getting harder

    I agree with Ron above ... but ...
    if you like the hobie getaway ... i would look for one at a fair price with wings and you can always sell it in a few years and get a different cat if you out grow it
  • I have a Hobie Getaway in the South Padre Island area, that I may be willing to part with. Has wings, new front crossbar and front tramp. Everything works including the trailer. I'd take 4K.

    Hobie Getaway
    Prindle 18 - Sold
    South Padre Island, TX
  • Interesting offer.

    I've been a little concerned about the pex on the Getaway, with what appears to be little options for decent repair and some reports of cracks at the rear cross members. A new hull seems rather drastic. Imdo love how tough my kayak is, however and this boat will see a lot of beach.

    sailed from the Texas City Dike before-was pretty fun and the group i met was really nice/friendly. Good recommendation.

    Can a H18 or Prindle 18 perform with a family of 4? Again my only personal experience is with a H16 and the Getaway-2 opposite ends of the spectrum...
  • The Hobie 18 does fine family sailing with 4(If you have wings, hard to find places to sit otherwise), and will be a heck of a performer with just you and your son, more so than the 16 and Getaway. The biggest difference will probably be the dagger boards. The Prindle solves the dagger board issue and is significantly lighter, but less likely to find one with wings. Both are great boats and both can be found in decent shape below your budget so you can do some upgrading.
  • Thanks - that's kind of what I needed to know. Lots of great sailing in my area; can't believe it's taken me so long to get into it...

    I'm not opposed to driving some distance for the right boat, so am keeping my eye open. Biggest frustration now is getting to the point I feel comfortable in buying and then going out of town for a full week...but I'm hoping the market is in my favor...

    Chump23 - I'll send you a PM; would like to know more.
  • Hobie 18 has more room, but dagger boards.
    Prindle 18 has too little room for 4, but no dagger boards. (unless you rework the location of the jib blocks)

    Charles, I replied to your PM.

    Hobie Getaway
    Prindle 18 - Sold
    South Padre Island, TX
  • Charles, get on Facebook and look us up on Texas city dike yacht club or Texas city cat sailors. I might be down at the dike in a week if you want to meet up

    Captain Chris Holley
    Fulshear, TX
    '87 Prindle 19 "Cat in the Hat"
    '74 sunfish "1fish"
  • Thanks for the recommendations, fellas! I'll be keeping this in mind.
  • Charles pm sent
  • I've got a nice G-Cat 5.7 with front tramp. It's in the classified. This is my 5th one, I enjoy fixing them up and selling them. I've been lucky to break even. I'm 68 and sailed a lot of different cats and I truly believe G-Cat has the best boardless hull design. Google G=Cat 5.7 and there is a link to the owners association via face book. I've always been able to find parts. Good luck!

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.7
  • I've got an eye on your Gcat, debating on throwing some money at mine or buying yours. I love them
  • Wow! This is a great group! Just got back from out of town. I think a trip to the TC Dike is in order for next weekend; will nose around a bit.

    Capt. Chris- I will touch base during the week.

    Thanks guys-very welcoming, indeed.
  • IMHO Hobie 18 w/wings is a great boat for family and ability to depower readily with pretty strong hulls. I had one for 12 years and it was tried and true design for the time and remains a great value.

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