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North Florida sailor drowned over the weekend  Bottom

  • A sailor in my area drowned on Sunday. His 15 foot Potter hit a sandbar in calm conditions. He removed his pfd and dove under to try and unlodge the boat. When he surfaced the current had pulled him away from the boat and his fiance on board was unable to do anything. His body was found several hours later. Scary reminder that even when winds are light, seas are calm, sun is out and the bottom is sandy its still dangerous out there.
  • Hmmm something doesn't sound right about that situation. The Potter has a swing keel, only draws like 7 inches with the keel up, and still only draws 3 feet with it down. Did he forget to just stand up? maybe had to much Rum prior to diving over the side?
  • I agree it doesn't add up, only going by the media report, which is famous last words these days. I think they are looking at head trauma as a possibility if he entered the water head first. In a sad display of foreshadowing, his last Facebook post mentioned he was nervous taking the boat out.
  • Head trauma? They might want to look at the wife....I am not aware of anyone getting head trauma from a sand bar....
  • That's pretty f'g tasteless for a generally kind forum.
  • I agree - this forum is generally kind.
    None of us know the circumstances, but the original post was respectful and a good reminder regarding PFD and how things can go wrong quickly.
    Maybe we can take that set of thoughts from this, rather than the speculation about the rest, that again, none of us know the reality of

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  • Wow Martin, what exactly did I say that was "tastless", I am just pointing out the facts just don't add up to resulting in the death of a person on a casual day of sailing. As you point out in your comment this is a "forum" which means we discuss things that are sailing related. I think that is best accomplished by being able to have a constructive back a forth conversation with out having to worry about some self appointed morality police to show up and shut the conversation down. If you are worried about this site being family friendly or what ever your just cause happens to be, why not go check out the nude photos in the Albums section and spend your time attacking that person.
  • Where was this Jalex? You indicated North Florida was it on the Gulf side or Atlantic side?'

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  • wvsailingnutwhat exactly did I say that was "tastless".

    Suggesting that perhaps the deceased "forgot to stand up", "drank too much rum before diving off the boat", or that his wife may have somehow been to blame....yea, I would agree, pretty darn tasteless.

  • It's super easy to die on the water. Hit your head or gulp some water and get moved away by the current to deeper water is all it takes. Wetsuit, life jacket, VHF in pocket.

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  • QuoteWhere was this Jalex? You indicated North Florida was it on the Gulf side or Atlantic side?'

    Gulf Coast, Big Bend. St. George Island Sound between Dog Island and Lanark Village. I was about 10 miles east of there when it happend. Didn't have the VHF turned on or I may have been able to have helped with search.
  • Here is a link to a news report:


    and it sounds like it had to do more with a possible heart attack, no mention of head trauma, not sure where that came from. So this goes to my point of what was first written here as speculation of the actual incident itself not adding up. Sorry if I got your underwear in a bind over my comments, maybe you guys should consider a private web site if you are so easily offended.
  • From one of the newest and least active forum members

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  • http://www.wctv.tv/conten…in-County-484430581.html

    This was the article I read after I heard about the incident from other sailors
  • Yeah and now you know why.
  • Ok ladies....simmer down!!!

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  • It appears the gentleman may have contributing medical conditions

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