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Towing a 10 foot wide cat on a tilt trailer  Bottom

  • The tilt trailer for the Tornado is getting close to getting in the road. Any suggestions or tips on towing big cats? I read the other posts, and we would like to keep the tramp on.

    Are the attachment points just at the cradles?

    Is there any special padding to be used on up the side cradles?

    Do you use bow safety lines?

    The first drive will be at 30 mph, but does the odd shaped load drive different?

    Do the tramps flutter at 55?



    Marstrom Tornado
    DN Iceboat

  • Really nothing to it if it is a well built\designed trailer. We took the tramp off for our first interstate trip, but I know others who don't. For us it was more a mental challenge, have to keep eyes on the road and not constantly in the rear view. Its a Supercat 20 and was just under legal height so even though we knew we were good, going under trees and power lines made us hold our breath. Secured on the 4 cradles which are a perfect fit for the boat so its snug and I do not worry about extra weight on the side walls.
  • Crosswinds are bad...

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  • January 16, 2019
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