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  • https://jerseyshore.craig…atamaran/6584633148.html

    The ad says Hobie, I think not. The rudders don't look Hobie. The hull shape is wrong. A Sol Cat perhaps?

    1983 SuperCat 15
  • metinks sol cat


    Dart 18x2

    1967 B-LION for sale
    1985 Hobie 18
    Windrider Ravex2
  • Differently SolCat

    Jeff O
    solcat 18(sold),
    Camarillo CA
  • Gahamby,

    If you don’t mind me asking, when and where did you get that 15? I wonder if it might be one I had and sold in Florida 92-9 3ish. I’ll try to find some old pics with my sail number, can’t remember right off hand.

    Mine was 629. I’d like to find it just to see where it’s been.

    Edited by tnell on May 15, 2018 - 05:50 PM.

    Collierville (Memphis), TN
    Supercat 15--sold :(
    Hobie monocat--given
    Vanguard 15--traded for...
    Nacra 4.5--sold
    Nacra 5.7
    Hobie 14–sold to make room for...
    Supercat 17
  • Definitely a Sol Cat---BUT It looks too small to be an 18, I think it is a 15!! That would be a very cool boat!

    No jib blocks on the front beam, uni rigged..

    I didn't think the 15s came with dagger boards, though?
  • tnell, My sail# is 315. Bought it out of Reading, PA.
    Tom Haberman remembers the original owner. It's defiantly a PA boat.
    Email Tom at Aquarius. If anyone can trace your old 15 he can.

    Dan, going to have to disagree with you on the 15 foot length.It looks 18 to me. Hmm, legal! On second thought it might be 15'
    It defiantly has dagger board trunks. I won't be dragging it out.

    Edited by gahamby on May 15, 2018 - 09:34 PM.

    1983 SuperCat 15
  • definitely not a Dart 18, rudder set-up looks like Prindle 15,16 or 18 ,as do sails ,not boom, but not a prindle

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