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Hope Wave Sail Repair question  Bottom

  • Hello
    I am looking to buy my first boat ever (2009 Wave) and all looks good. The sail looks good but a few of the plastic white grommet plates (on the sail) are cracked and one plate is missing. Can these be replaced? It appears that the plates are riveted

    Take Care


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  • Hi Joey
    I don't really know that boat/sail but ...
    if you mean the plastic jib batten end piece - yes they are easily purchased and replaced
    either by screw or rivet
    you can find all the parts at any hobie dealer or online

    here is a thread about a few different versions for that boat

    I am talking about the white part about 5' about these sailor's heads up the mast (luff)
  • Thanks. That is what I was looking for
  • The “This Old Hobie” article in his edition of the Hobie Hotline should have everything you need to know about replacing luff protectors on a Hobie sail.



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