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NACRA 5.5SL $1000  Bottom

  • Someone should jump on this

  • Funny, I noticed the same add this morning, boat seems like a decent deal, that trailer is garbage, I wouldn't trust it to haul trash to the dump let alone a boat....
  • Nice looking boat but ad says it needs sails, and yeah, that trailer is pretty rough to say the least.

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Negotiating points.... not negatives!!!!!
  • I did a bit a reading on these boats. What did you see in the photos making it a SL vs a square?

    Marstrom Tornado
    AHPC Taipan 5.7 (project)
    Hobie Wave X2
  • Squares are uni-rig with 11 ft. beams. Clearly not pictured. The SL is sloop rig. You can see the jib blocks and the jib bow foil, which was the design for the 5.5SL.

    The craigslist poster improperly provided a link to the square.

  • i think the trailer has character

    put a new axle/hubs on it and it's like brand new.

    bonus - it would be the last one stolen off the beach!

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  • With the bow foil that is a 5.5 SL. Really like the fact that they have an 8.5 foot beam. I would like to see that 18 foot boat balanced on the trailer fenders. Be better off towing it home on the beach wheels.

    Pete Knapp
    Sailcraft Tornado,Nacra 6.0, P16,H16,H14 turbo,Reg White Tornado(project),H18 Mag(sold),H18 (sold)
  • drove to Annapolis area with Ardy G (nacra 5.0,5.2&2hobie 16s-who has 3 trailers and has owned many sailboats and sail boards) who repaired trailer in the mud! Drove allthe way to Merrick long Isle' without a hicth' :Frankenstein main-a married 5.2 main to a blown out mylar lowest panel -Sailors Ch0ice sailmaker Amityville long Isle(around corner from infamous Amityville horror house), says throw it away, but cat looks ok, 81/2 wide impressed me as being able to be moored on Great South Bay off Fire Island and to withstand the elements, going to try a 5,7 nacra main , dagger boards treacherous in shallow bay areas but use to that had a 5.2 that" Sandy" claimed

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