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Slo Sail and Canvas  Bottom

  • A couple of weeks ago I had ordered a new trampoline for my Nacra 5.2 from Slo Sail and Canvas. I actually have two Nacra 5.2's and had switched the trampolines to my primary boat, but after almost falling through during a regatta, I decided it was time.

    I was aware that there were two different sizes for the Nacra's, so I carefully measured and confirmed I had the older style with a width of 74.5 inches. My boat also has the center bar on it.

    I called and spoke with Carl, and he patiently went through every option available and I settled on the one with a center bar sleeve and one pocket.

    After a week on Thursday before Easter, I called just to check, and mentioned i had the Mount Dora Regatta on the weekend of 4/7. I think I caught Carl by surprise and he expedited the order so I would have it in time. He suggested I take the old one off and make sure the bolts were not seized up or anything on the front crossbar.

    It was shipped early in week of 4/2 and i had a momentary panic as the shipping label said, Nacra 5.2 Trampoline, Old Style 72.5 inches. I went through in my mind, did I give the wrong information? I thought old style was 74.5 inches. I called Carl again and he checked with the technician who made it and assured me it was the old style at 74.5 inches and the shipping label was just incorrect.

    It came in on the Thursday before the regatta and fit perfectly and is a beauty. Not to mention the peace of mind not worrying about falling through it.

    Thank you Carl/Slo Sail and Canvas.

    Kenneth Purdy
    Hobie 16
    Nacra 5.2 (2)
    First Coast, Florida
  • Glad you had a good experience
    sure wish he would return the tramp i sent him as a template (and never did the job)...
  • i had a tramp made for my 6.0. it came in a we installed it but the back didn't make it all the way back leaving a dangerous gap for some ones foot to get caught. we took pictures and sent them to Slo. they sent us a revised tramp and we sent the old one back.
    they were very cordial and worked to solve the problems .
    i probably will use them again; real good service.

    NACRA 6.0
    Chrysler Bucaneer 18 dinghy
  • Yeah those guys made me a tramp! Excellent service and an excellent product! Great people!

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