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New mast for the 21SE  Bottom

  • I have been in discussion with the builders of the ARC-21, Aquarius Sails Inc. and they will build me a brand new solid mast for my 21SE. :D I plan on taking my boat to them in Wyoming, MN this season and placing my order.

    Last fall, Randy Symth helped me put together a top down furling spinnaker setup for my boat. I am now wanting a non-comtip mast to use with this new spinnaker. The stock mast on the 21 has a comtip which over time has proven to a weak point. My original comtip mast is still good, but I am looking forward in time and want an upgrade before I have that problem.

    If other 21SE owners are interested in a solid mast, let put together a production run order of 6 mast. The ARC-21 has a 33' mast that will fit my 21. Their mast rotation ball is large than mine but they make their own rotation balls, they will simple drill and tap their rotation ball to fit my post.

    My Florida 21 buddies are in need of a new comtip for their boat and Hobie stop making that part. I wolike to help solve their problem and eliminate the comtip altogether.

    Let's keep the 21 on the water for another 30 years..... icon_wink


    Bill 404 21SE

    Here is the latest update on my search for a new mast for the 21 icon_cool

    On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 6:20 PM, Tom Haberman wrote:

    We are putting together an order for mast extrusions and would like to include you in the mix.
    Any firm thoughts on how many your group may require.
    The more we can include in the order the more appealing the price will be.
    Please get back to me soon.

    Tom Haberman
    Aquarius Sail Inc.

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    Bill 404 21SE
  • I've had a number of SC20s, and consider that mast a very solid, reliable stick. I think it will serve you well.
  • Dave,

    Thanks for your insight. I will be proceeding with Aquarius Sail for my new mast. I do have others expressing an interest too. icon_cool

    Bill 404 21SE
  • I have always been impressed w Aquarius gear and especially customer support
    however i have allways been "aware" that the masts on supercats are extremely heavy compared to other boats

    I am sure they are also extremely stout

    I am sure it will serve you well - enjoy

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