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Santa Barbara Leadbetter Beach Catamaran Storage  Bottom

  • Any experience keeping your cat on the beach at Leadbetter?

    I've got the P19 in mast up storage at Ventura Harbor, where I can trailer the boat across the street to the ramp, and never have to step and de-step the mast. It saves a lot of time, and I'm getting too old for it anyway.

    They are reconfiguring the street and yard, and are closing the yard starting on May 1 for at least a couple of months, maybe three.

    Channel Islands Harbot has storage with no ramp, so I would need to use the hoist at $30 each sail.

    So now, I'm looking at Leadbetter beach in Santa Barbara for $200 for the season. My concern is theft and/or vandalism since the boats just sit on a public beach.

    Any reviews on this?

    Bill Mattson
    Prindle 19 "Gelli Bean"
  • Bill,

    My Prindle "summered" up there two years ago... I didn't have any problems with stuff walking away, but on the other hand, I didn't leave any walkable items on the boat.. mainsheet, hiking stick, sails.. and kept i covered.

    They're a pretty good group of sailors up there... and they'll help you schlep the boat across the sand if you need it..

    But, there is another issue... the wind doesn't start to pick up until the afternoon, and on the weekends that paking lot fills up pretty quick and you may end up parking across the street in the SBCC parking lot.. I would get up there early, get a good parking spot, and then Uber to my brother's house in Hope Ranch until the wind picked up. I did get a season parking pass too, I think it was $100.00

    I just found out this morning about the harbor... did you get any details?

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA

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  • It is related to the new development there. It sounds like they are redesigning the street in such as way that it will make the dry storage facility smaller. They will be losing 30 to 40 spots, depending on how they re-stripe it. We have to be out of there by May 1. (We will get details in the mail). I don't think all the current customers are going to fit in there, so I don't know how they are going to work that out. Channel Islands Harbor is over $100 a month, and then there is the hoist, which I have no interest in.

    I was told the yard would be closed for 90 days. Mitch heard 60. Either way, it's at the height of the season. Doing so much solo sailing, I really don't want to mess with the mast. It's time consuming and hard on my back.

    I'm familiar with the conditions up in SB as I taught sailing for a few years at the SB Sailing Center. Thanks for the intel on parking. It's actually a nice spot for island trips to the western half of Santa Cruz and also Santa Rosa. That was from the ramp though. On island trips, it's nice to stay as dry for as long as you can, and a beach launch would get us wet right from the get go.

    Bill Mattson
    Prindle 19 "Gelli Bean"

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