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  • What does everyone use for dry bags brand ? and how big ? what to look for in a good one ..Bad experiences with and soforth.

  • I use SeaLine, never had any problems including a rainy 3 weeks in the boundary waters. I have a 30 and a 55 dry bag, and a 115 portage pack. There is higher end stuff but this has met my needs. It’s nice having one with shoulder straps if you ever have boat problems on a desolate beach and have to hike out
  • I mostly use west marine plastic dry bags
    i find the ones that are cloth don't cut it (they fail and gear inside gets wet)

    THe problem w the plastic ones is they are very susceptible to cuts (esp when i stuff them into my hulls via an large rectangular hatch - they get caught on the flange screws. can be fixed with clear tape but ....
  • Just replaced my leaking lightweight West Marine bag with this one from Amazon:



    Much heavier gauge and only $16 for the 10L. $20 for the 20L.

    Prindle 18
  • For our island crossings, we've used Texsport Float Bags for years. These are pretty bullet proof. I've used a couple well over 10 years, having to drop a bit of aquaseal on the bottom corners where there was finally some wear. I once capsized and turtled with one strapped to the trampoline. My clothes and gear inside never got wet.


    Checked a couple of links online and not sure if they are still available. But there are others with this design.

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    Bill Mattson
    Prindle 19 "Gelli Bean"
  • Ditto on the KastKing, Re-enforced PVC is pretty good and the clear window helps to see what is in each bag if using multiples. I have dedicated bag with backpack straps for hiking or other excursions. I’ve learned not to stow all the eggs in one basket. Sail onward!

    Todd Stein

    2014-present: 1995 Prindle 19
    1987-2001: 1987 Hobie Magnum
    Williamsburg, VA

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