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broken carbon fibre mast  Bottom

  • Ok so everyone says yes it can be repaired.Assume the worst ,the mast was snapped in half and professionaly repaired is this a boat you would buy? would you pass?would you just ask for a better deal and plan on replacing the mast?
  • No easy answer to that one. Find out who did the repair and if they have a reputation/experience with doing this type of work. Inspect the mast closely at the repair sight for signs of fatigue. And finally, have the seller rig the boat and then crank on the downhaul and mainsheet. That’s about all I think you can do. Even brand new out of the box masts can break, so everythings a gamble to some degree.

  • If it was a good repair I wouldn’t be that concerned. My first A cat had a mast that was repaired like 3 owners previous. No issues with it at all. Not sure if you’ll get a big deduct on the selling price because of the repair, never hurts to ask though. If it’s your first A cat I wouldn’t worry about the boat having a repaired mast.

    New masts are $5000 I believe.

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  • I wouldn’t be turned off by it. It is more common than you would think. Check the integrity the best that you can, but a solid repair job on a carbon mast isn’t hard to do. Especially one that was cut all the way though because it can be reinforced with an internal sleeve.

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