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clothing for sailing in florida  Bottom

  • ok need some advise is clothing in warm weather for shirt a loose fitting long sleeve uv fishing or a compression uv shirt and for shorts swim trunks or shorts or possibly compression shorts please chime in thanks
  • Where are you coming from? Which side of Florida? Gulf or Atlantic? That will help us better advise you.

    We sail in the Gulf. I wear board shorts, trapeze harness to cushion my @ss, long sleeve spf shirt, visor and sunglasses. If it gets cold, I may substitute a spray top and wetsuit pants.

    Dana, Holly, Emma & Hannah

    LJ/Stu's Dart 18
  • Atlantic and intercoastal .. thanks
  • I have bought some of the Forward WIP stuff from murrays. Wetsuit and smock.


    Highly recommend it.

    Nacra Inter 20
    Okemos Michigan
  • I sail in Miami all the time. It's gotten warmer again icon_smile

    Long/short sleeved tops, knee-length pants, neoprene booties (there's spikey stuff in the bottom sometimes), all UV-blocking. Hats. Hats. Hats with wide brim. Hats with cover for the neck. Bandannas to cover the neck.

    Loose fitting tops when it's very hot, tight-fitting when it's colder. Sometimes a light fleece on top.

    When it gets cold (!) I wear a "spring" wetsuit. Even a wooly hat. Here's us with 70F/20C: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noreamEvKhE

    All of the above I get as I find on sale; this being FL there's always UV clothing on sale somewhere icon_smile

    Weather forecasts are very reliable (windguru, windy.com). Rainy forecast most often means short-lived squalls, so you can sail anyway (mind lighting storms though).
  • Quote
    Loose fitting tops when it's very hot, tight-fitting when it's colder. Sometimes a light fleece on top.

    If on a beachcat, i avoid wearing fleece (anykind), wool and as little cotton as possible. If you fall over, or get soaked from a wave/wake you now are wearing a lot of weight. I have capsized and was unable to lift myself up due to the added weight from a fleece top during feb sailing. another cat had to have it's crew jump in (in a dry suit) and help me

    For me - i have found the way to enjoy and extend my day on the water is to be prepared for the elements.

    I (always) carry sunscreen, gloves, sailing hat with neck cover, long sleeve, quick dry shirt and pants. Sunglasses are a no-brainer but i see people without

    In cold weather sailing i carry a dry bag with wet suit gloves and an assortment of spare gear (incase i capsize) and so i can adjust my gear (temp) with the weather - Ymmv
  • I wear board short style quick drying swim shorts, t-shirt, neoprene shoes, sailing gloves, life vest, and sunglasses. That's about it. I only sail in warmer weather so I keep it real simple.

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Just shorts and lots of suntan lotion

    Kenneth Purdy
    Hobie 16
    Nacra 5.2 (2)
    First Coast, Florida

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