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Beware of the Craigslist Seller TOM in Niceville FL Selling a Hobie 20 Miracle  Bottom

  • https://okaloosa.craigsli…hobie-20/6427569668.html

    Tom the seller told me over the phone he replaced the leaf springs bearings and tires 2 years ago and everything was in excellent condition. By the way after speaking with Tom for the first time after the first min I knew he was a Jerk!!!

    Anyhow....after driving 5 hours to met Tom I looked over the cat the mast has a bow in it and looks like someone hit the comp-tip with a hammer at mid point ...... overall seemed to be good enough for a newbies first sail boat to learn on. After inspecting the trailer I showed the Jerk that all the components from the leaf springs to the ground was totally rusted out and I mean RUSTED OUT!!!! A Freaken Death Trap, he insisted that it was sound trailer and safe to tow ....... I reminded him I had a 5 hour drive on interstate to get back home ...... again he insisted it was safe ....... I could not believe what I was hearing from Tom....At this point I was thinking he was not only a Jerk, but an Idiot TO!

    Notes about the trailer inspection:
    Trailer axle, leaf springs, bolts and u bolt bracket .... I'm like WOW....totally rusted out. UBolt bracket for example use to be 1/4" steel plate after knocking the rust off it was 1/16" thick!!!!.....On one tire the rim is swollen from rust in the center around all the studs...a disaster just waiting to happen.The hanger bolt and nut for leaf springs had rusted completely OFF yes that right COMPLETELY OFF. The spring clips ...... Completely GONE .... I pulled/flaked them off with my fingers ....... Very surprised the entire suspension system hasn't totally fallen apart just sitting at the boat yard.

    Most important thing you should be concerned with about Tom!
    The Trailer is a death trap for you and anyone that would be traveling behind you. Tom just doesn't CARE about your life or anyone else for that matter ..... He just wants to sell it at any cost!!!! His wife must be so proud of him!!! Imagine knowing your selling a Cat with a trailer held together with rust that's obviously not road worthy ....... Imagine your watching the evening news the next day and find out there was a 10 car pile up on Hwy 10 where Tom's Cat trailer disintegrates and there are multiple injuries and a Woman and her children died?

    If Tom sells it tomorrow after I've made Tom the Idiot aware of the problems and dangers, and someone dies from the trailer disintegrating on a hwy and causes a death or even just auto injuries....Do you think the state of Florida should charge Tom with Manslaughter?


    Still looking for a good used Catamaran
    Jacksonville FL
  • Did you ask for detailed photos of the boat and trailer prior to making the trip?

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • Already posted about this but would like to add that when I was inquiring about a Hobie 14 once, I asked the seller to send me some pics in a message, I thought at least that way I'd have some current pics of the boat. That boat still turned out to be a dog. When I was inquiring about the boat I now have, I talked with the owner several times and found him to be a very nice gentleman. We shared sailing stories and he was very detailed and forth coming with information about the boat. This boat was also 4 hours away on the gulf coast but I was fortunate to have family in the area where the boat was located and my Dad was able to actually look at the boat while at the same time, the owner was showing the boat to me through FaceTime on a tablet. The gentleman was in his late 60's but still got down on the ground under the boat showing me the hulls, trailer, and any blemish the boat had and my Dad was there to confirm everything. It all worked out well for me.
    Always ask the seller for current pics, and if you can, look at the boat through FaceTime if possible. It sucks to drive all that way and not come home with a boat. Be careful, be patient. Good luck with your search.

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Sent me plenty of photos just none of the trailer suspension.....The jerk lied about the trailer still insisting to buy and drive it home!!!!!! Putting people in danger that is life threating..... Knowing putting lives at risk!!!!!

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    Still looking for a good used Catamaran
    Jacksonville FL
  • You may want to consider a Hobie 18. There seems to be a growing fleet of 18s at the Rudder Club. Great people and great racing. Lots of social activities as well.

    Bob Bitting
    Mooresville, NC
    1983 Prindle 16
    2012 A-Class Catamaran
  • Are you still looking? Sadly I am getting ready to sell my Miracle 20.


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