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  • I’m looking to upgrade. Here’s some backstory:

    A year or so ago, I picked up a Hobie SX18 and re-built it entirely and even repainted it in Awlcraft SE tropical green metallic. If you look good, you sail good, right?! So this all inspired my brother-in-law and he picked one up also and we spent our free weekends adventure camping around the Cheasapeake Bay using this two boat platform. We each would find crew for our respective boats and split needed gear between two boats.

    As so often happens, the proverbial grass is greener, or in this case- the other boat is better. I’ve loved the Hobie but we have quickly found its limitations and we are wanting to upgrade to a larger cat. Rather than to find and sail two separate boats, we would like to get one boat that we can sail together without having to track down crew. We also both have growing families so crew will be available to both of us before too long.

    We would like to have something large enough to carry two to three adults and some gear. More floatation forward is a must as we love flying that kite and pushing up as far as possible. That has caused some spectacular pitchpoles on the Hobie. We didn’t realize quite how ‘loaded up’ the boat is when you are double trapped off the wing as the boat sails beautifully- right up until it doesn’t:)

    We love going fast and aren’t always camping or loaded with gear so we also aren’t looking for a tank. If we had to choose between creature comforts or performance, we are going with performance every time. With this in mind, our current front runner is an ARC-22. Recently, after talking on the phone with someone who may be on this forum, he suggested the supercat 20. He thought more floatation forward would go a long way and perhaps the 22’ would be a bit to much boat. So, as I go into the slow winter months which is a great time to get a project rolling, I’m curious as to some other suggestions and why.

    So here’s a few bullet points:

    Bigger, faster, wider, spinnaker, light as possible(without going into stupid expensive prices),and the ability to carry two to three adults and some gear.

    Oh, we also have mast-up storage so keeping it trailer width isn’t an issue. One final thing only because I have seen it on other threads, we don’t sail our boats onto the beach. We found some foam rollers on amazon and throw them in the hulls or tie them down and use them to roll the boats above the high tide line.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Stiletto 23 if you are doing any camping and need gear space. Durable hulls, nice forward tramp and tons of hull storage to the point that you can actually jump in them and have a porta poo in there. Not as fast as a ARC 22 but not as terrifying. Still much faster than a H18 with a 13 foot beam

    '82 NACRA 18 Square "Bangarang"
    '85 Hobie 18 "Honey Badger Don't Care"
    '86 Hobie 18 "The Rippin & The Tearin"
    Jacksonville, FL
  • If you've got the coin for an ARC 22 then you have lots of options! Don't see used 22's very often, so you're either talking new or really patient?!?!

    I've had a couple SC20's and SC17's and a SC19xl, I'm am a fan of the Supercat/ARC line of boats. The factory support is unmatched, and they are well built boats.

    The SC 20 is a great boat, wide and stable. They are not a great trailer sailor boats with the 12 foot wide beam. Most have telescoping beams that allow you to trailer it assembled, others have one piece beams which require disassembly of the beams from the hulls. They are a bit of a beast on the beach, but a dream on the water.

    My last 20 that I rebuilt and heavily upgraded is for sale on in the classifieds in NC. It's a steal at the price, I even considered buying it back. The early 20's had issues with the forward bulkheads where the bow tangs attach rotting. I replaced them with composite bulkheads from the manufacturer. Has a self tacking jib and a slick top down furling spinnaker.

    Midlands South Carolina
    AHPC Viper USA 366
    A Cat USA 366
    Super Cat 17
  • +1 on Sc20. We use a Supercat 20 for some coastal camping trips. Lots of hull volume and tramp space for gear and crew. Adjustments can be spartan if the boat hasnt been upgraded, but does well with basic adjustments with its 12 ft beam and tall mast. Dont care for the main traveler or the barber haulers but not a deal breaker. Seems well built, spars and rigging seem extra heavy duty. Spare parts available but can be expensive. Biggest complaint is rig time which isn't an issue with mast up on the beach storage. Good luck on your search, tough to beat a nice 18sx
  • Also agree a SC20 would be a good fit. Had one growing up and they are great with loads on them. Mast up storage makes them even better. Also check out the Hobie 21SE. It is 10’ wide with wings. The H21SC is 8’ with with a much smaller rig, so if you want performance go with the 21SE. 21SE is my current boat.

    H21SE in Southern CA
  • I also have a modified SC 20 in the classified (way back in the listings), a project boat to some for sure, but it sounds like you have the skills to consider it. Less money than Mac's, but his is superbly done. I also have an ARC 22, not for sale, but we can chat about the design as relates to your requirements if you wish.

  • Mystere 6.0
    fast enough to keep up with nacra 20's but also amazing fun and family boats
    put on a mesh front tramp or carrying next for even more storage

    add wings for extra room and comfort
    2 person boat but can be rigged and sailed solo
  • I am sailing an ARC 21 on the Chesapeake out of Podickory Point (near Sandy Point). Down side of ARC 22 is they are pricey, somewhat difficult to find used, heavy, and have 12 foot beam - needing a tilt trailer or breaking them down to transport the boat. ARC 21 has triangular front tramp, spin, and has beam of 8.5 feet making it trailerable. Could handle three to four people depending on individuals weight. If interested in ARC line e-mail Tom Haberman who is still manufacturing the ARC line at tom@aquarius-sail.com and ask him if any used boats are available. I'm sure he would be glad to answer any questions that you have. If you want to check out the ARC 21 it is on the grounds of Podickory Point and I could meet you there (I am not sailing it during this season though).

    ARC 21
    Prindle 18
    Annapolis, Maryland

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