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Hobie 18 Motor Mount - Front  Bottom

  • Hey everyone! We just moved onto the water in Florida and now have our H18 on a lift. This is super exciting, except for the fact that we have a sometimes long paddle via canal to the open lagoon.

    I'm familiar with the Cheetah Mount, but would prefer something that is cheaper and less permanent, to mount a small trolling motor. My thought was something that attached to the front crossbar, and held a trolling motor that could be swung up to the side. I could use drill motors for the 5 minutes of power I need to run through the canal to/from our house, then go under sail after.

    has anyone seen/come up with good DIY designs for the same? if nothing else, a good clamp to attach to the front cross beam? another thought i had was to add another cross beam, and figure a way to clamp it to the hulls (which could be challenging since they flex around a bit)

    i do want to be able to continue to sail this vessle (primarily) so a lot of the mods where you screw a bracket in and sacrifice use of the traveller, etc. don't work for me.

  • Cheata motor mount is still the best
    If when you return home and its blowing 15+ do you think a drill will get you home
    Will it still work when a few waves break over the drill motors
    I would prefer safety
    Maybe place an ad looking for a used mount on this site
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