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Transporting mast without trailer  Bottom

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  • Yes MN3, I'm transporting in my truck. I thought you were saying to add a support beam to the front bumper( making 3 points of contact), which is why I said I'd be alright because trailers only have 2. Definitely plan on running ropes from each end of the mast to the bumpers in a bridle type configuration as well as the roof
  • gotcha
  • DogboyI second checking your state’s laws regarding objects overhanging the vehicle. It is not just a matter of getting the mast home safely - the issue is the safety of other drivers. Your mast punches through someone else’s front or rear windshield in a hard stop situation and kills someone, you’re going to be in for one hell of a lawsuit.

    I would definitely look into using a trailer to get your mast home. It will be much safer.


    Another way to say the same:

    risk level = probability * impact

    Probability might be low or moderate but impact is very high.. So make sure you are not assessing only by the probability

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