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Small Asymmetric  Bottom

  • Was thinking of trying a well used 29er 15sqm asymmetric I got for free. It seems to full but the main problem is it don´t even reaches above the mast hound.

    To just hoist it with a halyard, with the tack attached directly to the spin pole, from just above the hound would probably move the head to much forward.

    Another solution is to hoist it full to the same point and add an adjustable tack line of about three feet.

    A third idea is to add a well stretched 3mm Dyneema line from the end of the spin pole up to just above the mast hound, to hoist it on. Think I could hoist the kite up to about 3ft below the upper point of the line attachment. The head would then be about one foot in front of the mast.

    Any more ideas of how to to make a temporary solution?


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  • It's all about the proper sheeting angle, imagine a line from the lower retrieval patch to the clew. From looking at the pic, you want a block attached at the front beam/rack location. If the block is further back, you'll need to raise the spin to get the proper angle.
  • Hi Mike,
    Was out yesterday and did some more tests. As you say it is a matter of sheet angle. Found out that with the tack directly attached to the end of the spin pole and the sheet block at the shroud attachment the angle was good. So I will let the halyard out at the top instead of using a tack line. With the spinnaker instead hoisted above the hounds I would have to sheet from the rear beam which is not acceptable. Will prepare with new mast fittings in due time before next season and try it IRL. Hopefully I can try some more variations before snow is falling.

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  • I've got an F16 spin for not much money if you want something a little bigger and flatter.

  • Maybe better to go for +30 sqm instead icon_wink . To make it work, both longer and lower spin pole would be needed.


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