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Hobie 17 Wing Tube Questions  Bottom

  • I just received a 1987 Hobie 17 that has been very neglected for a couple of decades. As is the case with most H17s, the wing tube sockets leak. In addition, one of the the aft wing socket has about 3 inches of the wing tube broken off in the bottom.
    1. Any advice or tips on removing the broken wing tube?
    2. There are plenty of instructions on adding a forward access port, where is the best location for a rear port in order to gain access to the rear wing sockets?

    I'm seriously considering filling the sockets with foam and glassing over these problem. I've had a couple of Prindle 16s and been able to survive without wings. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
  • The integrated wings are one of the great features of the H17 - I wouldn't get rid of them.

    Put the access port between the aft crossbar and the transom. I would go with 5" diameter minimum to allow enough access for the repair. You will have to deal with the foam flotation block inside the hull. I would not try to remove the existing tube. Instead I would put the existing tube back together and wrap it with several layers of glass to hold it and seal it. The alignment of the tubes is critical to allowing the wings to install properly.

  • Dogboy,
    Thank you for the advice and information.
    Mr Ecks.

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