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Just outside Missouri CSA EVENT Carlyle IL "Muddy Waters"  Bottom

  • Hey Guys, Our Cat event "Muddy Waters" is taking place in a few weeks on Sept. 22-24 at Carlyle (CSA) I'd love to see some of you all come out some friendly competition free camping inside CSA and BEER :)


    The link has the event details. "Muddy Waters" is about half way down.
    feel free to ask any questions
  • Cant go this year..but I have a friend on Carlyle that I could put my RV on his place next year..will there be another event?
    Also I read that there is no RV's allowed at CSA..Where would one go with a 40 foot RV for this event?
  • There will be an event next year, we are considering having it Memorial weekend but that is far from official at this point. As far as the RV, CSA is inside a state park called Hazlet, They have plenty of large RV's camping every weekend, the cost for a holiday weekend I believe is 30 a night with electric.


    CSA (Carlyle Sailing Association) is just down the road inside the park about 1 mi away. We would love to have you next year. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions about the event.

    CSA's website
  • great, my buddy lives in the harbor light area, never been there but told him we'd visit.
    my son just got a hobie 16 so we are looking for hobie events, only mostly in Mi but since I know someone in Carlyle... icon_biggrin
  • Absolutely, keep my name around and look me up. You can also visit CSA for updates when we get them :)

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