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  • Quote I found a post here on "The Beachcats" and, really, it was your post

    Oh, i defiantly wouldn't trust that! (jk)

    QuoteAm I making a mistake by not using the roll swaged ends?

    I think your reasons are $ound

    I think thimbles will flex more than a fitting, but ... that doesn't bother me
  • I received the new rigging from Murray's yesterday and it looks great. I installed the bridals and if I can make time to sails this afternoon I will install the rest of it. I went with 5/32 wire and it looks nice and "beefy".
    When I reinstalled the bow tangs I used some anti-seize on the screws as they were fairly tough to get them out (I used a large phillips screw driver that has a hex shank and I put a wrench on the shank to get the torque I need to loosen the screws). I don't think this is an issue, but if it is please speak up.
  • you can tap and die them if you want to make them run clean and smooth again

    I use tef-gel for anti-seize

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