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New Hobie 16 Mast Base Doesn't Work?  Bottom

  • I purchased the hobie 16 mast base online because my previous mast base eventually sheared through some of the rivets and corroded through other areas. I fixed the metal flange on the mast , installed the new mast base, drilled 6 holes-3/16 holes, siliconed, and riveted. I head down to the harbor this last weekend and I am ready to sail, hook everything up as usual, make sure the mast step link is good to go. I am raising the mast and it guides the mast base COMPLETELY INCORRECTLY, hitting the forward edge of the mast step. It doesn't socket into the mast step. I'm used to doing this fast, so when I did it, it ended up tearing a portion of mast on one side...GULP. Sailing day over.

    Please see Pictures on Imgur. Can someone please explain to me if this mast base part is incorrect, or what is going on. Cost me $70 new, double checked the shipping label. I have always used the mast step link. You can see what happened. The mast step link is not hitting the mast step in time to guide the mast correctly. (a mouthful). Boy I felt stupid for not checking it first, after all that work.
  • Possibly new style versus old style? It looks like the fix could be as simple as getting a longer mast hinge. You have to totally remove the hinge anyway to sail, right? Call Murray's Marine, they have been making parts for the Hobie for decades. They may know what you have bought and why it doesn't work.
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  • I agree, it is most likely due to incompatability between the new base and old step. Hobie has made several "tweaks" to the base and step designs over the 45 or so year life span of the Hobie 16. I have seen before where H16 sailors have had to have someone push the base of the mast into the step while they raise the mast in order to get it to pop in properly. I have also seen people try to lift the mast into the step to get the base aligned (while they are raising the mast).

    I would suggest you post over on the Hobie forum or send a message direct to Hobie with your pics and the age of your boat. I suspect the most likely recommendation will be to replace the mast step with a new version that is compatible with your new base (probably not what you want to hear).

  • skattyjj ,

    Welcome to TheBeachcats.com, sorry it took a breakdown to get you here! icon_confused

    We have lots of experienced Hobie 16 sailors here that can probably diagnose this as soon as they see the pictures. As a Hobie 18 sailor I can tell you for sure that something ain't matched up right, but that's as far as I'm willing to go. icon_biggrin

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  • I think if you use the other hole on the link it will pivot in better, but I'm a Nacra guy

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  • It's the right hole on the link. The top hole is for the 14 and the bottom for the 16.

    Hobie has changed things. The issue is an old step and new base. It would be a similar issue if it were a new step and old base. The stops are misaligned too. You either need to get a new step to match the new base or get an old style base to go with your old step.

    DogBoy has it right.

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  • Even with my matching step and base on my 2000, I have to pull the mast back at that point to collapse the link and let the step drop in. Otherwise I stretch the link. And I have to use the 14 hole or else the link gets damaged before the mast even gets halfway up.

    My conclusion is that the link geometry is obsolete with modern mast steps and bases, and current mast rake.

    Get a new base, use the 14 hole, and get used to pulling the mast back at that point. Then it will all work right. :)

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