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  • hey all,
    getting ready to take my hobie 16 to NC for 10 days, it's the first trip ive taken it away from the local lakes and comfort of tools and supplies close by. I'm curious what spares and tools you all would recommend to take in general and what you keep on the boat under sail

    Hobie 16 "spirit of '76"
    Lexington, KY
  • Under sail I have a radio, spare pins, a tube of epoxy putty to seal up a reasonable sized shark bite lol, a multi tool for whatever, standard shackle tool which mostly gets used to loosen rudder cam screws so I can pop a locked cam back up, a length of line that could be used to replace lost line on a hiking strap, lash a fallen mast or jacked up sail to the boat etc, spare rudder bolts and nuts and cam screw, water

    '82 NACRA 18 Square "Bangarang"
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    Clearwater, FL
  • i carry a spare main and jib incase one rips
    extra battens in case one snaps
    sail tape
    rigging tape
    all the tools i could need in the car
    onboard - similar to Matt's list with the addition of a first aid kit with blood-clot powder
    if your gonna be on the ocean - a vhf is a must, maybe a flair or 2 as well

    cel phone / radio

    this $7 tool is the best thing for poping up rudder cams -will not scar up your cam plunger like a screwdriver will
  • Thanks guys! Lots i thought about and lots I had not. VHF is certainly a must ordered it yesterday morning. Now I just have to keep the 8yr old from running off to play with it

    Hobie 16 "spirit of '76"
    Lexington, KY
  • I wouldn't go anywhere with a Hobie 16 without a spare rudder, unless you have EPO's. Pete
  • pbegleI wouldn't go anywhere with a Hobie 16 without a spare rudder, unless you have EPO's. Pete

    I've read about a few bad experiences with broken rudder blades. I have 2 spares in my trailer box. Now you've reminded me I wanted to see if I could clean those up any!

    Hobie 16 "spirit of '76"
    Lexington, KY
  • pbegleI wouldn't go anywhere with a Hobie 16 without a spare rudder, unless you have EPO's. Pete

    Good call
    the old ones will snap in 1/2 with age ... you don't even have to hit anything.
  • As I've lost/broken just about all this, sometimes on vacation far from a marine/hardware store/dealer or at a regatta where a quick fix is needed, here's my list....

    Spares, etc. that I always keep near the boat (in rubbermade container):
    Box full of pins, shackles, ring dings, rope locks, etc.
    Rivets and gun
    Rudder cams. Nothing sucks like a sailing trip ruined by a little piece of failed plastic. (Need sister screws in place of the original rolled pin to replace easily).
    Main halyard (with use the comp tip ones will eventually break at the line/wire connection)
    Spare 3/16" line and 1/4" shock cord

    In the sail box is a full set of old standing rigging and a couple of spare PFDs in case I pick up unexpected crew.

    A couple of 1/4" bow shackles are always attached to the tramp lacing, and there are spare 1/4" clevis pins in the shroud adjusters.

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi
  • In the tow vehicle or cat box there is the usual traveling tool box, Marine Tex and Solarez Extreme, sheet of mylar, spare shroud covers, all needed shackles, rivets and pins, rudder pintles, assorted line and shrouds, hydraulic jack, 12 volt work light, bungee cords, strong tape, tank of compressed air, and air rivet gun.

    Under sail, in the zippered tramp bag and in the port holes, there is a waterproof first aid kit and flashlight, lots of water, bananas, Snickers bar, 30 foot painter (rope, 3/8"), small Crescent wrench and ViseGrip, sunscreen, flares and wooden handle for opening port covers (it floats).

    On our persons, each have a flare, whistles, car keys, knife, the waterproof VHF radio (ocean racing we each carry one), gloves, sunglasses, and some money in a small ziplock bag.

    Sheet In!
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