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To violent of tack for a hobie 16?  Bottom

  • I recently got an old hobie 16 from a friend, have figured out how to rig it and am attempting to learn how to sail (basically I pretty much have almost no knowledge on the subject). But the real question is I was out with a friend and when we would tack I would just let the wind throw the main sail/boom across to the other side of the boat with out trying to ease the process by holding the main sheet. Is this bad for it? Am I supposed to lessen the blow on the boat by holding the main sheet?
    And If anyone would like to give a new sailor advise/links or anything that would help me learn it would be greatly appreciated!
  • Not knowing if you had a jib... assuming you do. As the tack takes place, the main should be pulled in as much as possible before the turn starts. If you have a jib... leave it where it is and let the wind back blow against it to push the bow around. Once the bow has passed through the eye of the wind... dump the jib to the other side and set it.

    In high winds, as the boat takes on wind after the tack, it is a good idea to keep the main sail line in your hand and uncleated. This enables you to quickly let the main out if the boat starts to blow over.

  • He wasn't tacking, it sure sounds like he was gybing. There is no way he could tack with the main out as he described.
  • For ''safety'' sake I think he should have someone show him the ROPES (how to sail)

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