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Trucker's Hitch  Bottom

  • Love the trucker's hitch, I use it all the time.

    Kenneth Purdy
    Hobie 16
    Nacra 5.2 (2)
    First Coast, Florida
  • first off: what the hell is wrong with that guy in the first video ... lol

    secondly - i don't think those are "true" truckers hitches

    I do use the first version - in the second video: That is what i use to secure my cat to trailer, (and my forestay to my Portuguese turnbuckle, and a million other places) with the exception i finish it with rolling hitches vs 1/2 hitches. 1/2hitches can vibrate free, rolling hitches get tighter with stress and movement (although still able to untie without too much work)

    this is what i "Think" is the actual truckers hitch

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  • Good stuff. You truly learn something new every day!

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • QuoteGood stuff. You truly learn something new every day!

    This is a great knot for sailors
  • One of my favorite knots, as it achieves ratchet strap tension. I am sort of a knot-knerd!

    Marstrom Tornado
    Hobie Wave
  • Ditto on one of my favorite knots being the truckers hitch.
    Learned it from brother in law, who was former trucker and couldn't believe I went 30 years as sailor and didn't know it before he showed me.

    Supercat 15
    Windrider 17
    Several Sunfish and Sunfish clones
    Ratboat built from Zuma and Sunfish parts
    Shallow water sailor in the Delaware Bay

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