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Quick Nacra Inter 20 questions  Bottom

  • I'm the new and excited owner of #854, can't wait to get it on the water. There are a few missing or worn-out bits so:
    1. What length for the spinnaker halyard? Boat has the original end-pole snuffer if that matters.
    2. What length for spinnaker sheet?
    3. Who makes a nice and durable foil bag for the daggerboards?
  • I have a Nacra fold bag that is nearly new. It's yours for $40 + shipping. PM me for details.

  • Thanks Mike, PM sent
  • ericrayl,
    i also have an end-pole snuffer on my N20 cat. the mast is 32' long. i measured my spinnaker halyard and sheet.
    the sheet is 50' ft. long but i would recommend an additional 2' (52') as it seems a little short when the crew is trapped out at the back.
    the halyard is 80' ft. long which allows it to come down the mast to a block on the front crossbeam, then go backwards on the tramp towards the rear crossbeam about 75% of the length of the tramp where it loops thru a block and heads forward again.

    you should determine how far to the rear you're going to go on the tramp and if it's more than 75% of the tramp then add more length. it never hurts to buy an additional 5' and cut it down, just in case.

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  • Jon,

    Thanks very much for this input. I ordered 66' for the spinnaker sheets and 90' for the halyard so I got close while being a bit conservative. The spin. sheets are going to be Samson Control DPX, which is really easy to splice a tether into for the clew, so the line that passes around the headstay is continuous. The halyard is going to be 3/16" spectra, and I'll put 6' of cover on it just where it cleats.

    Where does your retrieval line dip down below the tramp to get to the snuffer bag? I've seen some pictures of N20 tramps that have a nice big grommet about 2'-3' aft of the mast for this purpose, but mine doesn't have such an opening. I understand the floating block off the rear crossbeam with shock cord setup.

    Thanks, Eric
  • Eric,

    Just get all the pieces and then enter the Florida 300 next month. You'll learn all about a Nacra 20 quick. icon_evil


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  • eric,
    here are 3 photos....the 1st is my current N20, the second is an N18 i owned and the 3rd is someone else's Infusion.
    i put a Ronstan (RF-5?)block on the mast to replace the cam cleat that was originally on the front crossbeam. i found that the halyard kept putting itself back into the cam cleat when i was trying to douse the spinnaker, which meant my crew was pulling it down while it was locking itself in the cleat...frustrating and possibly dangerous.

    i've set my halyard route up to minimize the lines on top of the tramp by running it underneath as it travels to the rear (going on top of the trap bungees below the tramp to keep it up and out of the water.) this is a bit unorthodox but it works to clean up the tramp.

    i tried to add a block and bungee under the tramp to pull it backward so it wouldn't slap in the water, but it twisted once and locked up so i removed it.

    i used the grommets that were there and added those in the center footstrap.

    i don't have the spinnaker sheet attached to the bungee/block in back as seen on the first photo.....another trial & error.

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