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Nacra 5.0 vs 5.2 Jib Dimensions  Bottom

  • Seems like there are a lot more 5.2 jibs around than 5.0 on the used market. The dimensions I have for the 5.0 are:

    LUFF: 194"
    LEECH: 184"
    FOOT: 72"

    Does anyone have the dimensions for the 5.2 jib and will it work on a 5.0? IMO the 5.0 could benefit from a larger jib as weather helm is still present even with the mast straight up and the rudders raked forward as much as possible (note that my boat is a 1983 with a straight tube spreader). Visually, with the jib up, there's about 18" of free forestay at the top so a jib with a longer luff could be accommodated.

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