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clunc from my hobie 17 hulls  Bottom

  • hi all,
    i was able to separate both hulls from the beams and now i have the hulls in my garage.
    I hear cluncs from both hulls when i flip and roll the hulls.
    Can i suspect any styrofoam blocks inside that cause this sound?
    If so, is it common? What can i do about it?
  • It is likely the foam blocks inside the hull. They are located behind the centerboard trunks and are there to keep your boat afloat in case you get a hole in the hull.

    You could also be hearing the centerboards banging around inside the wells. Either way, it is not a concern.


    Edited by Dogboy on Jan 09, 2017 - 11:24 AM.
  • Thanks Dogboy!
    I'll leave it and proceed with other stuff

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