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  • The 2017 Florida 300 is already getting some good buzz, multiple European teams will compete and sponsors are starting to line up.

    What would it take for you to want to do this event? 5 days, 300+ miles from Islamorada to Daytona Beach Florida.

    Watch this YouTube and see if you could hang with these guys.

    The Florida 300 is organized by Sail Series Promotions USA Inc. a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit

    Official Website
  • I want to throw down but dang, broken masts?

    I think there's a ton of logistics issues to deal with for such a long race. I like the idea of loop distance races where you finish where you start eventually. Makes dealing with trailering the boat way easier.

    '82 NACRA 18 Square "Bangarang"
    '85 Hobie 18 "Honey Badger Don't Care"
    '86 Hobie 18 "The Rippin & The Tearin"
    Clearwater, FL
  • Quotethere's a ton of logistics issues to deal with

    for sure. this race requires land crew, EPIRBs, tons of spares (occasional including boats) and lots of guts.

    this race is in the spirit of the worrell 1000 races but the logistics and costs to run that type of race proved to be too much to endure.
  • Quantify "ton(s)". I think it means 2000 lbs right? My boat fully rigged, plus trailer and cooler of beer probably weighs a ton. But after doing this race 3 times, I can say it's not as bad as you think.

    You need a boat in reasonably well maintained condition, I'll bet you both have that.
    Spares? I have an extra rudder and dagger board that I have not needed. This year bought new sails, now I have spare set. I'll use the old ones if it's breeze on.
    You need a trailer, nothing special. Do bearing maintenance and check the tires. Normal stuff.
    Logistics... You need a driver for your vehicle/trailer with license and a pulse. Wife, friend, neighbor's kid.
    Cost... fuel, hotel for whatever legs you decide to do. Food and beer. EPIRB/PRB rental less than $50, and you should already have one anyway, it's cheap life insurance for your family.
    Broken masts!? In Florida we have all encountered thunderstorms. Remember this race is up the beach and there is never a time you cannot go to shore safely. Each broken mast has a story of a very unique and rare situation, but probably still safer than driving in rush hour traffic.
    Guts? A 13 year old kid finished all 300 miles. The guts were in his Mom who was on the beach waiting. It's just sailing guys, and typically we have a very peaceful sail wishing for more breeze.

    It can be as simple as you like, do 1 leg. Having fun do more. Conditions get bad, stay on the beach and sail the next day. The Worrell 1000 was 1000 miles, each day here is 50 - 80. Choose your leg.

    My point here is don't write it off so quickly. Do the Dogfight or the last leg into Daytona and see what you think. I bet you come back again for more, because it's sweet sailing with some cool people.


    Dick Macdonald
    Cirrus R F18
  • Geeze Dick, you make it sound so hard! icon_wink

    We showed up with a boat that hadn't been wet since 2008 and a new, untested custom rig that had never been put on that boat... we did OK...

    In all seriousness, the FL300 is a MUCH more approachable race than the Worrell or even the GT300. Logistics are MUCH tougher on both of those races!

    We had a spare of almost everything... two in most cases, lol; only thing we broke was a tiller crossbar end and torqued a tiller b/c our ground crew drug their feet and didn't make it to the beach till well after we finished. I'm not saying that stuff doesn't break, but we were on a powered up boat and pushed it hard; we could have easily broken a mast or almost anything else.

    Like Dick said, logistics:
    - Hotel rooms
    - Trailer
    - Driver
    - Safety Gear
  • Lot's of behind the scenes preparation going on, the Euro Teams look to be coming in force, not sure on the number yet, but there is talk of a second container. I'm guessing mostly F18's from Europe but will know better after registration opens January 1, 2017.

    There should be a class of Nacra 20 Carbon, at least 3, and could be double that. The F300 is made for that boat so if you have one or no anyone, keep on them to enter! If you don't have one already, buy one from https://www.KeySailing.com and enter to win!

    The max entries will be raised from 20 to 25 and there are indications that this could be a real limit this year, we could push that 25 pretty hard.

    Online race registration will be available on the https://www.sailseriespromotions.com website soon, probably by January 1, 2017. The NOR is being finalized now, as well as some details that need to be clear to anyone registering. Once registrations are being taken there will be an entry list.

    It's very important to note that the official website for the Florida 300 is https://www.SailSeriesPromotions.com and NOT Florida300(dot)com or SailSeries(dot)com which unfortunately are no longer associated with the race. So please update any bookmarks or links you may have.
  • Why is there a limit?

    '82 NACRA 18 Square "Bangarang"
    '85 Hobie 18 "Honey Badger Don't Care"
    '86 Hobie 18 "The Rippin & The Tearin"
    Clearwater, FL
  • tamumpower1Why is there a limit?

    Mainly because of space on the beach and parking at some of the locations used right now.

    It would be a good problem to deal with if we can get more than 25 entries. With a bigger event we could look at other stops to make more room.
  • Online Registration and Notice of Race now available at


    Be sure and watch the two videos on that page, give a good idea of the extremes of conditions racers encounter.

    More videos from past Florida 300's on their YouTube Channel

    Note: The still Need more YouTube subscribers to get a nice url.

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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