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  • I'm in OBX North Carolina. Anyone know a local place or a place that delivers where I can get an affordable trampoline for my Supercat 17? Everyone I see is about $500! I'd like to think I could get a better deal. Maybe a starter company that makes them custom??
  • Not sure of the price, but I picked up both my mesh and vinyl trampoline for my Supercat 15 from SLO Sails in San Luis Obispo.
    Fit well and have had them now for at least 5 years with no real wear.
    Shipped them to me from CA to DE fast. If I recall, total time including shipping and production was about 2 weeks

    Supercat 15
    Windrider 17
    Several Sunfish and Sunfish clones
    Ratboat built from Zuma and Sunfish parts
    Shallow water sailor in the Delaware Bay
  • Quote SLO Sails in San Luis Obispo

    I had horrific service from the owner of SLO - http://www.catsailor.com/…b=showflat&Number=217140
  • Proof positive that the old adage that the good men do is long forgotten, but the bad lives forever - or something like that.
    Hard to outlive a bad customer service situation which MN3 experienced.
    I do know that my experience was fine, and I looked up my price for the Supercat 15 tramps and they were around $350, 6 years ago.
    So...let the buyer beware

    Supercat 15
    Windrider 17
    Several Sunfish and Sunfish clones
    Ratboat built from Zuma and Sunfish parts
    Shallow water sailor in the Delaware Bay
  • Quotebad lives forever

    i gave him dozens of opportunities to correct my issue - if he had returned the tramp i sent him as a template (which wasn't mine) i would have forgotten this long ago ...

    other sailors (some friends of his) called him on my behalf and he continued to tell them he would a. do the work and b. return my property - he failed to do either

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  • I have purchased at least 10 tramps from slosails (I refurbish boats and have done so for 20 years)
    I have found the tramps to be quality made with good materials.
    My son recently bought a Super Cat 17 and I suggested he order one fom SloSails.com there are 2 styles and I wanted to be sure that it fit properly, all of the tramps I have received from them has fit perfectly.
    I have never had any issues with the company, they have always been polite on the phone and have given me prompt service.
  • + 1 hullflyer. Pete
  • most people have reported good service from them

    there were several people who reported similar problems with SLO and when things don't go smoothly - slo gets up and dissapears, and doesn't complete their work nor return property they borrowed

  • I was one of the people that had a weird experience with SLO a couple years back.
    Since then I have re established a business relationship with Karl and have had nothing but excellent service.
    And they make an excellent product.
    At the time that mn3 and I had problems with them, they were experiencing growing pains.
    I have heard nothing but good reviews from current customers. And that includes me.
  • I bought a tramp from SLO Sail and Canvas 2 yrs ago for my P-19. Great quality and I've had nothing but excellent customer service from them. I called them a few times to talk about sails, Karl has always taken the time to answer questions as well as offer suggestions.
  • Bought a new tramp from SLO for my Nacra 20 at the beginning of last summer. They delivered it late July. Didn't get around to installing it until after the season up here.. October maybe. Installed it and found it it was a couple inches short. Called and they said they cut it off of an template they had for the 20 but would make it right, no hassles, offered to pay for shipping, I returned it along with my old one as a template as well as a couple other things I wanted changed. Two/three weeks later the second new one showed up along with my old one. Fits great. My experience was great.

    Nacra Inter 20
    Okemos Michigan
  • +1 For Slo. Looks like 99% positive in recent years. Bought a great hobie 16 tramp and wing tramps for my Magnum wings a few years later. They were made great and fit better than OJ's glove.

    Tim Grover
    1996 Hobie Miracle 20
    Two Hobie 14's
    1983 G-Cat Restored
    Memphis TN / North Mississippi
  • Thanks for all the replies. I actually did find and order a tramp from Slosail and the service was awesome. I did have a hell of a time getting it to slip into the tracks but with a little grease and a lot of tugging it went and is a great fit. Very pleased with the quality!
  • +1 for Slo from me as well. I ordered a mesh tramp for my 5.7. I added a zipper pouch and had them move the straps inboard as far as possible against the pouches since I'm 6'4" and need all the leg extension I can get. I had it on my doorstep in a week and it fit perfectly.

    81 Hobie 16
    87 Nacra 5.7
    Austin, TX
  • +1 for SLO. New tramp and line kit for my 1979 Prindle 18 made it feel like a new boat. It fit perfectly. The zippered pouch is also great to hold a drink or snack. Customer service was top notch! They honored a rush request and did not charge any extra.

    They also asked me to send a picture and it is now used to showcase the P18 tramp on their site: http://www.slosailandcanvas.com/prindle-18-catamaran-trampoline-mesh/

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    Prindle 18 #346
    Crewed on Hobie 14, 16 and 18, Dart 18, Prindle 16 and a Supercat 20
  • Any other companies out there that make prindle 15 tramps? I'm from Toronto and with exchange seems very expensive to buy.

    Prindle 15/Hobie 16/Hobie 14T
  • No good sources for trampolines in Canada that I have found. Sunrise is the best SLO is a decent second at a decent price. Anyone selling in Canada will likely order from one of those two companies themselves.

    Dave Bonin
    1981 Nacra 5.2 "Lucile"
    1986 Nacra 5.7 "Belle"
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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