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  • Hello all! Is anyone else on here from this area? I sail mostly at Utah Lake, with the yacht club there. We have a Hobie 16, a Prindle 16, and a Hobie fox. We are working on getting a G-cat 5.7 up and running. I know I've seen quite a few F18s and older H16s, and the odd H18 and Bravo around. Anyone on the forum with them? If so, where do you mainly sail?

    Small sailboat designer, builder, and Cat Sailor. 8' Keelboat, Hobie Fox,Prindle 16.
    Rear Commodore, Utah Lake Yacht Club - Mostly sail Hobie Fox (Formula-20)
  • Hey RC

    I sail almost exclusively at Rockport. Not the best sailing lake for sure, but for 80-100 bucks you get to keep your boat on the beach in a sorta-private little cove for the summer. Pretty sweet deal, and it gets me out a lot. About 20-25 cats there, a real mixed bag.
  • I went there once for a regatta... and returned home without the boat. Long story short, I had a bad day and don't ever want to go back there again. Way too crowded for me. There were a lot of cats there though! It was a Saturday so I'm sure that makes it a lot worse.
  • Rockport, the J and Deer creek are all crowded when its hot on saturdays. We leave a H16 at rockport and sail our H20 and H18 at the J, deer creek and bear lake.
  • Deer creek has the mussel problem, and it's too much work to deal with decontaminating trap harnesses, life jackets, wetsuit gear, etc, so it's just the J and Bear Lake, and Bear Lake is a 3 hour drive, so 4 hours on each end of the sail with setup time, not much incentive to pack up and go up there. You guys should come down to Utah Lake when it's windy and we've got our three cats out!

    Small sailboat designer, builder, and Cat Sailor. 8' Keelboat, Hobie Fox,Prindle 16.
    Rear Commodore, Utah Lake Yacht Club - Mostly sail Hobie Fox (Formula-20)
  • Hello, I live over here in Clinton, north Davis area. I have an older Sol-Cat 18, an AMF16, a Capri Cyclone 13, and an older D.W. Schock 25 Daysailer/ racing sloop. Actually its hull number 1 made in 1960. First proto-type of the Santana series. Anyways, I take my family up to Willard Bay and Pineview mostly. Every other place is really a waste of time in traveling too and from. Good hearing about more here in the mountains. icon_lol

  • I have Brindle 18 in Magna. I have not been out as much I'd like lately. Prefer bear lake but it has to be along weekender to be worth the drive. Yuba is really not to bad a spot. Utah lake is ok but I don't love having to launch at marinas. I am not fond of Rockport either. The parking suck and launching from the Ramp just plain sucks. Wind is never right to get out form the docks on either side of the ramp. I have considered keep a beater P16 up there on the Beachcat beach but haven't had one ready and been out enough to justify yet.

    Dustin Finlinson • Magna, UT
    Member: Utah Sailing Association
    1982 Prindle 18
    1986 Hobie 17
    1982 Prindle 16
    1980 Prindle 16(mostly)
    1976 Prindle 16(mostly)

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  • Yall need to mobilize and get a convoy of prindles headed to texas for the nationals
    June 3-5

    If you guys havent seen the link, signup ends May 6, you can however sign up on site, there may not however be some of the competitors packages when you get there if you dont sign up now.


    Captain Chris Holley
    Fulshear, TX
    '87 Prindle 19 "¡Hijole!"
    '74 sunfish "1fish"

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