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Fort Meyers Florida  Bottom

  • Headed to the west coast of Florida from Daytona Beach in October and looking for some insight to the area.
    A mid-week trip, I'll just need one overnight mast up storage and ideas of where to launch.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated, cheers
  • good luck I live in fort myers and cant find a place to launch.if u find some place let me know. a ranger told me if I launch again from Sanibel causeway I will get a ticket.it may be possible at end of causeway on the left there is a new boat launch[concrete]have not had the nads to try it yet
  • port charlotte city beach is good, it has a regular boat ramp but u can walk your cat around dock to sand to set up after your mast is up.sarasota has
    a great place next to yatch club.3 good areas in tampa/st pete area
  • malinos

    thanks for the response and my apologies for adding an extra vowel to Myers -can't figure out how to correct that after the fact.

    I've got a couple of free nights at a hotel in Fort Myers and was hoping to be able to sail out to Sanibel Island so my girl friend can go look for shells while I'm off flying a hull.

    I've got 4X4 drive and would prefer to leave the mast up but won't mind stepping it twice for the two days of sailing anticipated.
    I'm just looking for a good launch location with good proximity to be able to sail out to Sanibel Island.

    guess I'll just have to do some searching with goggle earth so I don't spend the day driving around for a spot to launch from without any troubles from "the man"

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