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  • I will be racing the P cat in a 10 mile race in a couple of weeks and am looking for rating info. It is a fun race, a sort of end of season wrap up put on by a marina and draws a lot of boats that don't normally race, weve done it twice with the cat, in 2011 we were almost bone last as we could not get upwind at all, in 2012 my son and his girlfriend finished about 12 minutes ahead of the next boat, an Olson 40 keelboat, that's over a minute a mile faster, but of course it was a reach/reach with breeze and nothing beats a cat on a reach(except a faster cat) and he wasn't there. We have been racing with a rating of 112 i think which I got by converting from Portsmouth and it really hasn't mattered since we have only ever had a couple of multihulls and don't get scored. However I have been prosletising (sp) to all the people I know who have old Hobies etc and its possible we may get enough to have a multi fleet so now ratings may matter. I noticed in the Leech lake series they had a spinnaker and non spinnaker rating for the H16 with a 3 sec hit for the spinnaker, seems reasonable. I guess what im looking for would be PHRF numbers for the H16 and 18, Prindle 16 and my Pacific cat which is the problem one as we have removed the spinnaker and trapezes which the boats were originally rated with under Portsmouth, actually i doubt any of the boats would have the trapezes they would originally have been rated with. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hope this helps mate! This is what I use.

    Good Luck!


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  • Thanks for that list, I have seen that but unfortunately it does not show a few of the possible boats we may have such as my P-cat and the Weta tri. I was looking at the 2014 Leech lake regatta results and it looks like they just took the D-PN # and called it PHRF rather than doing the conversion, my guess is that they did that so they could use the scoring program they are using for the rest of the regatta, do you see anything wrong with doing that since the multies would not be being scored with the rest of the fleet anyway.
    I was going through my pile of old multihulls magazines and found the page of North American Multihull Association 1981 Portsmouth handicap number recommendations which does show the P-cat. One thing i notice though is that it shows the numbers in a different format than the current US sailing list does, using the Hobie 18 as an example US sailing shows 71.4 while the NAMA list shows it as .730 so if one were to do the conversion to PHRF i guess you would move the decimal point 2 places and call it 73.0 right. This race will be using the same scoring program as the Leech Lake regatta used so im sure we will have to use PHRF numbers. Its just a fun day anyway so not particularly important but if more than the usual 1 or 2 multies show up then we will need to be scored if we expect to build a multi division. In the 2 times that the P- cat has done it the first time there was only us and a friends A cat and ratings would have been moot as he did a horizon job on the whole fleet and the second time it was just my son and his gf sailing the P- cat and they did a horizon job on the fleet.
    Oh yeah, the 1981 list showed that the numbers listed for all boats was without spinnakers or trapezes and then had subtractions for such as a windspeed adjustment and also for such things as solo sailing a 2 man class with full sail without adding ballast to compensate, for extra sail area, with examples given as a headsail on a Hobie 14 and also a spinnaker on the Pacific cat so that clears that up for me. There is also an addition for soloing a 2 man class without the jib. Incidently it gives a number of .750 for the P-cat, .730 for the H18, .775 for the H16 and .780 for the Prindle 16. I think we have something to work from, now i need to find a number for the Weta.

  • Multihull Classes-Inactive - both the P Cat and Weta are here although the Weta has few data points thus the number in brackets.

    Current tables - links to mod factors

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  • Here is more info:
    You can view or download.

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  • Well, we ran that race today and while we only ended up with 4 multihulls the organizers agreed to score us using Portsmouth instead of converting us to phrf so that worked out well. We ended up with a Nacra A cat, my Pacific cat, a Hobie 16 and a Weta and that was the order of our finishing. As usual, the A cat was in a league of its own finishing 21mins ahead of me. We had a great race for 9 of the 10 miles swapping places 5 times with an Olson 40 keelboat, unfortunately after rounding tha last mark about a mile from the finish he finally managed to get away and beat us by a couple of minutes an a Flying tiger 10m snuck by and beat us by 31seconds.We beat the Hobie by maybe 10 minutes and he must have beat the Weta by as much. All in all a great day on the water on what turned out to be a really nice fall day with sunshine and the predicted 8 to 14mph breeze.
  • I would recommend getting a PHRF certificate specific for your boat with all of the mods. I'm not sure what the process is but it makes it really easy to get into events like this in the future.
    Here is a little info from norther cal phrf, not applicable to me or you I don't think but I'm sure the process is close or the same.

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