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Hobie Getaway Graphics need replacing  Bottom

  • I have a 2004 Getaway with the original style graphics. They are losing their adhesiveness. Does anyone have a digital file containing pictures of these graphics? Hobie doesn't offer replacement graphics beyond the current style. I hoped they would offer OEM replacements since it's several years after production before new graphics are needed and by then they're not available. Marketing opportunity missed by Hobie. Thanks, Barry Martin
  • Update the grafix - now you have a NEW boat!! Better yet go to the local sign company and have something made that no one else will have - or the old stuff duplicated

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  • You can email me a straight on images, I trace images in CAD all the time and can scale them to size, then I could either email them to you or I have some vinyl cutting connections local and could get them cut and shipped to you.
    I won't charge you anything for the CAD work but I wouldn't turn down a donation either to myself or to the beach cats website.

    The vinyl would cost, but I don't even know what since it depends on so much.

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