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Safety Issue - trapeze hook vs ball  Bottom

  • Hey guys

    Is was mentioned in another post about the safety issues with the old style of trapeze harness hook and that the ball and cup/slot system is safer. I can only speak from my experiences over 20 years ago and I don't ever remember getting caught or even having any close calls, but I was 20 years younger also.

    So what do you guys think, are the old hooks a safety issue?

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  • We had a really scary incident at the F16 Nationals this past November. We went over rounding the top mark while putting the spin up. I jump clear of the boat, my fiancé slid down the tramp. On her way down her harness hook snagged the downhaul lines that run on either side of the mast suspending her in the air (picture). It was kinda funny at first as I swam back to the boat watching her hanging in the air, but then her weight started pulling the mast down into the water. When I got back to the boat the boat was heading turtle with her still hung up at the mast. The boat ended up all the way turtled with her still hooked on the downhaul, she was under the water under the boat. Luckily there wa sa chase boat right there and I had help in the water within seconds. She was free in just a few seconds but it felt like a year! Very scary situation. I can't say enough about how grateful I a, for the people who work the chase/safety boats at these regattas.

    After this I looked into harness with quick release mechanisms, but found nothing we liked or that even had good reviews. One of the quick release hooks said that it would NOT release under load. I ended up sending back both of the two brands that I bought. The Zhik T2 is supposed to be a good alternative since you can pull the Velcro on the front and your out of the harness. Haven't tried the key hole harnesses, look like they would be tuff to hook.



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  • shipclips1are the old hooks a safety issue?

    Even the ball and cup version can get hung on rope loops, wire or balls.
    Carry a knife and cut your self out of the situation.
    Cut either your harness or the thing that your harness grabbed.
    There are many types of knives used, and there is a good thread in this forum about it.

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