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  • I know we talk about the old crappy boats way too much...

    But here's another one. The decks forward of the front beam is pretty crunchy, and I've never seen a port installed like this one on the Port beam. Kind of off-center. Lot's of people added inspection ports to their Hobie 16's, the recommended location was between the pylons, but some like the easier access in front of the beams, but they were always installed in the center of the decks as far as I've seen.

    Worth messing with? This is 1976 model, interestingly it has a really nice rudder system with straight-tube adjustable castings, Hobie 20 quick-connectors, and original EPO's. Tramp looks ok, and trailer is a really nice galvanized one.


    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • drill baby fill!!!... 35$ 1 gallon bondo/3m resin, 2-3hrs tops for entire job...try to destroy it, i dare you! too many other good parts to not try, your not out much...even if you do a port patch/glass job.

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    bill harris
    hattiesburg, mississippi
    prindle 16- "BLUE RIBBON"

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