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Rescue swimmer drysuit for Hobie sailing?  Bottom

  • Hello everyone. I have been looking for a used drysuit for quite some time now to be able to go out sailing this spring. I found a retired coast guard rescue swimmer who is selling his gear. He has a drysuit for $100. He said it has only been used a few times and when he put it away 10 years ago he conditioned the cuffs snd zippers. He says it is in good condition.

    Would this be something that would work for sailing my Hobie 16?


  • I think my biggest concern would be durability - especially in the knees. However, for $100, it's probably worth the try. Maybe you can use some kneepads or cut up an old wetsuit to put over the knee area.

    Jeff R
    '88 H18 "Jolly Mon"
    '10 C2 USA1193
    NE IN / SE MI
  • as him if you can test it and go find pool
    if not dry fit it and test it for a good fit
    If the neck cuff fits good, if not .. it's probably not safe to use
  • Deal might be too good to be true. Drysuit fabric deteriorates simply lying around, depending on the manufacturer. That might be Gore Tex and then you are probably OK. I've seen two ~5 year old drysuits fail due to material age this past year (mine and a friends). Just be careful, it is really hard to detect these laminate failures until its too late.
  • MN3as him if you can test it and go find pool
    if not dry fit it and test it for a good fit
    If the neck cuff fits good, if not .. it's probably not safe to use

    Is the reason it could be unsafe because, in a dunking a failure could lead to it filling up with water? That would be a heavy problem.

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  • The filing with water combined with the cold water you are trying to avoid originally is a bad combination.

    ‘92 H18 w/SX wings
    ‘95 Hobie Funseeker 12 (Holder 12)
    #69 H21SE in Southern CA
  • I was in the Coast Guard and I've worn those.The answer is No...............seriously,they bring the clumsy,and that don't work well on a cat.
  • I may sell you my Neil Pryde "dry suit" that is in very good shape. The suit is not completly dry, as those that you can get into in your pijamas but will protect you from the elements. I used it mainly for windsurfing when temps were in upper 30s- 40s. and just bought new Stoquist true dry suit month ago, so I don't need 2 of them. It is in very good condition, very soft and comfortible. PM me if interested. The size is 52L.

    Adam Bartos
    Nacra 5.0
    SolCat 18 (sold)
    Lake Zurich, IL
  • 500 bucks for a new dry suit is a small price to pay for something that doubles your season and could/will save your life. Spend the money on a new dry suit and use sail tape to extend your sails an extra year instead of getting new ones.

    Some things you just don't buy used ... these include:
    dry suits
    wet suits
    standing rigging

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