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Hobie Mid-Winters EAST @ OSYC  Bottom

  • 2013 Hobie Mid-Winters Wast
    Sponsored by Hobie Cat and the Ocean Springs Sailing Squadron
    at Ocean Springs Yacht Club


    Who and What?
    - Any/all active Hobie classes, and open F-18 fleet. Do you mean NACRA and other F-18s too? Yes. 

    When (aka tenative schedule of events)?

    - Anytime between now and the race - drop your boat/trailer at Ocean Springs, check the place out, go for a sail
    - Thursday, April 11:
    - Early Afternoon - Race Seminar, details TBD, hosted by Mark Santorilli, our Hobie PRO
    - 5-7pm CHECK-IN in the Rashka Room @ OSYC… early online registration preferred!
    - Included meals: breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunda, and dinner Thursday & Saturday
    - Available meals you can pre-order at check-in:
    - Lunch on Friday from "The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint" (www.theshedbbq.com) $TBD
    - Lunch on Sat. from Cookie, OSYC's incredible Chef (chicken/meatloaf/side) $TBD
    - Lunch on Sun. from Cookie… (sandwiches/chips, etc) $TBD

    - Friday, April 12th - SAILING!
    - Saturday, April 13 - SAILING and CRAWFISH DINNER @ _____
    - Sunday, April 14 - SAILING, Awards, until next times…

    - Beautiful Ocean Springs Yacht Club, on Front Beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi
    - Home of the 2005 Mid-Winter's East… and the 2011 North American Championships
    - Browse our website (www.osyc.com) , sailing and racing tab, facebook (spell out OSSS or OSYC) , or our photo albums for a look.

    What else?
    - Limited camping on site, contact us ahead of time
    - Water depth? Deep enough… there's a few shallow spots you should ask us about if cruising around, otherwise the racecourse is in plenty of water (generally 7-16 feet)
    - Holiday Inn Express is saving rooms at a discounted rate, ask for it! (Washington Ave, south of I-10 exit 50) Holding 29 rooms of varying types: 15 singles, 4 doubles with two queen beds, 10 king suites, with pull outs in the living room, (This would be 86 guests) - $90 a night for the regular rooms, $100 a night for the suites, includes continental breakfast.

    Sheet in and Hike Out!!
    Rob, Hobie 18 "DoubleTime" all stock as Mr. Hobie meant... or sQuAr3toppeD -n- sPinn3d... for more fun icon_cool
  • Rob, is there a site on the web with a list of who is registered and classes?

    Nacra F18
    Reservoir Sailing Assn.
    Brandon, Mississippi
  • Ron, all via regattanetwork.
    Expected classes: H-Wave, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20 and F-18 (Hobie, NACRA, C2, etc)



    Currently signed up:

    PLUS late breaking update:
    LINK to Holiday Inn Express and the group rate, code MWG (mid-winters group):


    Cheers, Rob.
  • Ron: There's a thread on Catsailor where a few other F-18 sailors have said they're coming to MWE.

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi
  • I'll be there on a C2.

    Tyler holmes
    Panama city, FL

    Boat whore
  • rattlenhumRon: There's a thread on Catsailor where a few other F-18 sailors have said they're coming to MWE.

    and thx for being a 'peacemaker' icon_smile

    ear on the ground seems like lots of folks are saying they're coming, and each says they know several others are coming too...

    either there's LOTs of folks... or a few who all know eachother.... either way, going to be great.
  • I'll be there! got another H16 I'm getting ready at the moment so maybe and additional sailor too. icon_biggrin


    Tim Grover
    1996 Hobie Miracle 20
    1981 Hobie 16
    Memphis TN / North Mississippi
  • We have a Hobie 17 fleet! Who's next?
  • DANG IT... should say 2013 Mid Winters East..!!! too late, can't edit my post #$%^&
  • robpattDANG IT... should say 2013 Mid Winters East..!!! too late, can't edit my post #$%^&

    I can. icon_cool

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • Thanks Damon... the highest evolution... icon_smile
    Three cheers for "ROOTUS ROOTUS"

    Edited by robpatt on Feb 19, 2013 - 09:29 AM.
  • that's exactly what I was thinking... I was a longtime solaris sysad, have tons of old "unix live free or die" type comics, etc etc.. 'evil geniuses in a nutshell' (good one).

    we should sketch up evolution of a sailor... starts w/optis... then lasers, then 420s... then big lead draggers... then foray into NACRAs and prindles... a long time at Hobie 16s, and the most highly evolved being, of course, the Hobie 18 sailors. HEAR HEAR!!

    Edited by robpatt on Feb 19, 2013 - 12:56 PM.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Potential for a Hobie 16 "B" Fleet... so any of you a bit cautious about signing up, go ahead and w/enough boats, you can cut your teeth in B fleet, time on the water, great place to learn, lots of awesome folks.


    Who's signed up:


    see you on the water.
    Rob - H18

    Edited by robpatt on Mar 14, 2013 - 02:56 PM.
  • Hey! We need at least three more 18's
  • For sailors that have done this regatta in the past, how has the weather been? Really cold wetsuit sailing? Warm and sunny? What has been the local weather pattern over the last couple months? Was warm here in Memphis now it's back into the 30's at night icon_frown
    Gearing up for the trip! And hints or tips about load in, parking and Cat storage for the event would be helpful too icon_cool

    Tim Grover
    1996 Hobie Miracle 20
    1981 Hobie 16
    Memphis TN / North Mississippi
  • Tim: I usually just bring everything from shorts to full wetsuit and spray top. While it should be much better down there at that time, it could be like here last weekend.....hot/no wind on Sat......55F and nukin' on Sun. Things can change quickly, so why take a chance? Bring all the gear you got.

    A picture of the parking, etc. layout is attached to Wing nut's post in this thread:


    I assume you'll be coming through Jackson and down 49. I don't know what Mapquest, GPS, Tom-Tom says, but here are my tips. Avoid Richland/Florence at afternoon rush. Take I-59 bypass around Hattiesburg. If it's mealtime at Hattiesburg, take Hardy St. exit and go to Crescent City Grill....sit out in the courtyard. At Saucier, take 67 to D'Iberville and avoid the 49/I-10 crap in Gulfport and Biloxi as much as possible.

    Edited by rattlenhum on Mar 28, 2013 - 11:36 AM.

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi
  • That is Hwy. 67 at Saucier Jerome.

    Andrew ~ Nacra F17 #136, Hobie 18M #22
  • cat136That is Hwy. 67 at Saucier Jerome.

    Yup....I edited it to avoid further confusion. I guess you should know since you were involved in building it!

    69....must have had something else on my mind....

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi
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