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  • Hey guys I'm doing a project for school. I'm a senior in industrial design (product designer) also an avid Hobie sailor.

    For my senior project I wanted to design some form of on board storage system for cats.

    Ideally I'd like to suite this product towards more of the recreational take your family out type of sailor but it can be used by anyone.

    I'd really like to know how long you spend on your boats at a time?

    In our family we spend all day and do a lot of island hopping so we carry all the things you need for a full day on the water...so storage is an issue for us.

    Like I said I'd like to know how long you guys spend on the water, what you carry and what you'd like to carry but just can't.

    If you'd like to say how you use your boats that'd be great as well a typical day sailing if you will.

    Thanks for your time

    Marc Fournier

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