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Nacra 5.2 dagger boards  Bottom

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    I'm new to this forum. I'm a long time Hobie 16 sailor in Michigan. My new toy is a Nacra 5.2. I do not have any dagger boards with the boat. I've read a few threads about how to rig the boards. My problem is where to get them. I saw one thread that said that dagger boards from a Prindle would work. Also the Prindle are shorter which was a good thing. The Nacra ones broke because they were not strong enough for there length. Is this true? Looking forward to hearing from the group. I'm expecting the 5.2 to kick the shit out of my Hobie 16 especialy the pitch pole action. Am I wrong? I'm not impressed with the rudder system on the 5.2. My maiden voyage in 20 knot gusts I was having a lot of rudder up problems. The rope to pull them back down seemed like a pain in the ass. I saw another post that said that the hobie rudder castings would work. I have extra rudders that I could put on from my H16 pile of extra parts. Is this a good idea?

  • Quote Is this a good idea?

    No. Leave the systems as they are aside from fixing anything broken, at least until you know exactly what you'd like to change.

    You can only use daggers from a 5.2 or 5.5, nothing else will fit.

    Pile of Nacra parts..
  • I have a set that I'm not using that are in very good condition. PM me for photos & details, and address so I can figure out shipping.
    I also have some kickass 5.2 logo stickers.
    If you buy them I donate $5 to The BeachCats to support this forum.

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  • I sent you a PM. look forward to hearing from you. Another question, My H16 has a mast float at the top of the pole. I have become very used to having it. I seem to be crashing more than I used to now that I've exceded the half century mark. My lake is a fairly shallow lake so I allready know that I want one on the 5.2. What are people doing it get a float at the top?

  • I am also in Michigan and switched over to a 5.2 from a Hobie about 9 years ago. You are going to see a huge difference in performance, speed and almost impossible to pitch pole. (almost) Sit way back and enjoy the ride. WooHoo!
  • If you're going to put a float on, Baby Bob is all you'll need. You'll have to alter the bracket to make it fit the mast top. Pete
  • i took the top off my 5.2 mast

    carved a close fitting plug of microcell foam about a foot long

    and then hammered it in with a mallet

    and sealed it and top back on again with silicon

    it:s been over a few times and not flooded

    and is much more aerodynamic than a hobie bob

    before that i used to pull up a couple of beachballs in a net with the mainsail
  • Actually, for me.. (16 H for 30+ years) When I sail 1 up onmy 5.2 .. , I sit midship and get her nose in the H2O. Keep the water 2 to 3 In below the rim of the hull... Sheet in and sh**t out.. NEVER want to see the lower curve of the nose of the hull .. LOVE the balance of that boat.. PLay with the mast rotation (H 16 never had that).. and the out haull on the main and drive her.. WHOOO WEEE.. H

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  • The rudder up problem can be a pain, particularly if it happens while sailing in close to others.

    The fix is simple.
    Check the pull-down line, you may want to use less slippery line.
    Failing that, try a 2:1. Get a small block and attach a new pull-down line by tying it behind a washer you put on the pin that holds the "quick release thingy". Then through the block and back through the cleat. The dead end of the block is attached to the original pull-up line which you need to keep as short as possible or you won't have enough room to pull up (because you are pulling up 2x as much line now).

    (washer) |||||||O||-------------------O------\ (to rudder -->)

    see above ascii art attempt...

    I can testify to the original boards being very, very strong... I use them for righting, by standing on the very ends of them ( I'm 200#+)! Have hit lots of hard stuff, only damage was to the daggerboard box (apparently a lot weaker than the boards...) and some abrasion which I fixed with epoxy and glass.
  • Thanks for all of the info! What is the official scoop on parts. Is Nacra still in business? Has some other company taken over parts support?
  • if you're feeling rich

    2 brand new weta trimaran carbon boards are almost exactly the same size and only half the weight, probably just need thinner carpet strips in the well

    otherwise the last 5.2 was made over 20 years ago

    and probably the last new boards we made then too...

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