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Sails, Battens, and Stainless Screws  Bottom

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  • Aaaaah, things worked out, so all's well that ends well. But I'll keep that bolt cutter trick in mind! My guess is it would've saved me half an hour of work, and no small amount of stress.

    I have to agree: that's a gorgeous view. The sunset, I mean! The two boats? That goes without saying. :)


    Tom Benedict
    Island of Hawaii
    P-Cat 18 / Sail# 361 / HA 7633 H / "Smilodon"
  • Thanks, we don't get the Hawaii water temps though, or Erics wild winds off the mountains. Off the dock water showed 26C today (80F), but we only get that til early Sept, then it's wetsuit time til we have to quit around 3rd week of Oct.
    We are protected from any big swells as the bay is only a couple of miles across. Once you clear the point it can be pretty rough with strong south winds. Our predominant wind is either straight into the dock, or quartering from right to left. This is where it is

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    Hobie 18 Magnum
    Dart 15
    Mystere 6.0XL Sold Was a handful solo
    Nacra 5.7
    Nacra 5.0
    Bombardier Invitation (Now officially DEAD)
    Various other Dock cluttering WaterCrap

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