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1st Beachcats Post: FL CL finds.... good deals?  Bottom

  • 1) http://orlando.craigslist.org/boa/2819228884.html
    2) http://jacksonville.craig….org/boa/2816491058.html

    Hey guys,

    This is my very first post. I've been sailing sailfish and vanguard 15s since I was a kid. Got the chance to singlehand an old clunker P-18 last summer and got the cat fever. Now I'm in the process of buying one for myself.

    Do eiher of these look like buys worth the price, just from first glance?

    Thanks again. All the best from a B.C. newbie.

  • They both looks like the high end of acceptable prices to me.

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  • If the pictures are accurate they both look like good boats that P18 looks pretty solid. I like the color to. If you get the P18 post pics of the custom motor mount and how it all works and goes together.

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  • sailing in the atlantic or gulf? if atlantic, get the boat that goes throuh surf better... if gulf, doesn't matter. both are nice boats... hobie costs more, but you get new rigging and a new jib... again, both are good boats you'll have a blast with.... similiar in sailing...H18 will point better that's probably about it though... P18s are were no slouch in their day, nor were H18s... just buy the better boat and call it good...

    try to find local cat sailors in your area.

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