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79 Nacra 5.2  Bottom

  • Purchased a 79 Nacra 5.2 hanger queen(great shape, was sailed only 3 times in the last 2 years). My question concerns the mast base retaining pin. Once the mast is raised & secured, should the pin be removed or stay in place while sailing icon_confused . I have sailed with it in place, but am 2nd guessing myself & thinking maybe it should be removed.
    All my prior experience has been with a Hobie 16 which has
    the pin removed.
    I will be posting more questions, as I learn the boat. The
    Pics in the Gallery helped a bunch in setting up this cat.
  • You need to remove the pin after mast is raised.
    this allows the mast to rotate while under sail.
    make sure and connect the mast rotater to the boom

    good luck

    Nacra 5.5SL

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