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  • Another word of caution, when you have trailered your boat for a distance, the grease and bearing are very hot and backing it into the water too soon will have an adverse effect. The type of grease that you use is also a factor, I use Lucas (I think I spelled it right), like anything else some produts are better than others. Check with your local auto parts store or trailer shop and see what they reccomend. A dollar or two spent on better grease can go a long way.
  • Heat from dying bearings also bleeds out to the tire causing the internal pressure to increase....
  • I agree with Hullflyer, it is not recommended to put trailer tires into the water right after a long drive. The high RPM the little tires turn really can get the bearings hot under normal conditions (not to mention if you drive fast or haven't packed the bearins recently), to drop them in cold water is not good for them or the grease on them.

    Probably not a big issue for frequently serviced bearings, but who really repacks their bearings annually.... My first boat I maintained the bearings for the first time when I realized they were failing, my second boat I repacked the bearings when I first bought it, 5 years ago now....

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  • I never back my trailer bearings into the water. Just back the trailer into the water till the water is just below the axle. Push the boat off the trailer. I have cradles and can do this easily. When putting the boat back on just lift the bows up and slid on to the rear cradles, hook the winch just below the mast and crank. No water in bearings.
  • QuoteProper wheel maint. would be to take your hubs off and regrease the brg.s once a year. These trailer tires are spinning way faster than your truck tires are because of these small size. Therefore, they should have grease pushed in more often.

    Do you think Wheel Buddies (or hub buds) are good? They are caps that go on the hubs and "close" the hub and allow you to simply inject more greese at any time?
  • Wheel Buddies can be a good idea but a common mistake is to over grease them and thereby push grease out the back of the hub assymbly and ruin the rear seal.

    Even with Brg. Buddies on, I would still recommend taking them apart every couple of years to check for galling.
  • www.trailertiresanswheels.com

    4.80x12 Load Range C $23.12
    Don't know about shipping.
    Jim Gates
  • http://recstuff.com/st145r-12radialtire.aspx

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  • Quotewww.sailboxes.com

    Nice link thanks

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