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Adding 2009/2010 Catamaran Events to the Calendar  Bottom

  • Regattas and races that get put on the calendar here at TheBeachcats.com get a lot of exposure, and additional entrants that would have never known about the event.

    So why aren't all the events on the calendar? I'm pretty sure it's because people have the impression that TheBeachcats.com has a staff member who is being paid to track down the event info and add it to the calendar.

    I hate to disillusion anyone, but the entire staff of TheBeachcats.com is located under my hat. The calendar, and most of the site, depends on input from the members. I just don't have time to seek out event information and add it to the calendar myself.

    Beyond simply encouraging event organizers to add their events (which hasn't worked well in the past) I am wondering if I couldn't get a corps of volunteer editors who would be responsible for providing information for their particular area of interest.

    What I would like is for someone who has an interest in promoting events in a geographic area or particular class to assume the responsibility for tracking down the events and adding them to the calendar.

    Anyone think this would work? Any member could still add events directly to the calendar, but I would expect these editors to be willing to become contact points to receive event information from those who want an event to be included in the calendar but for some reason don't want to add it themselves.

    Another kind of volunteer would be someone to go through publications like the Hobie Hotline and Catsailor Magazine and make sure all the events advertised there are also in our calendar.

    Any volunteers or suggestions?

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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